Linksys Launches Hydra Pro 6 its latest Addition to its Lineup of WiFi 6 Routers

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Linksys the WiFi solutions provider has unveiled the Hydra Pro 6, its latest WiFi 6 mesh router during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hydra Pro 6 which is the latest dual-band mesh system delivering fast, reliable and secure connection at a more affordable price.

According to the company, the Hydra Pro 6 will allow small businesses and remote workers access to reliable WiFi. The Hydra Pro 6 is Linksys’ latest suite of products offering next-level streaming, easy to set up, and advanced security. With the home and office router users will no longer worry about dropped video chats or connections that aren’t secure.

Linksys Unveils Hydra Pro 6 Router at CES 2022

The Linksys Hydra Pro 6 features include:

  • The WiFi 6 can accommodate 30 or more devices (per node) across 2700 square feet.
  • It encompasses coverage and wireless speeds up to 5.4 Gbps.
  • It is powered by the Qualcomm® Immersive Home
  • Users can send and receive multiple streams of data simultaneously with up to four times WiFi capacity
  • Six-stream WiFi with up to 574 + 4804 Mbps for ultra-fast wireless speeds.

More Room for Expansion

The intelligent mesh technology offers whole home or office mesh WiFi coverage that is easily expandable by adding nodes. For small offices and home offices the Hydra Pro 6 offers users the ability to manage and prioritize devices using the WiFi services through the free Linksys app.

When it comes to security the device comes with WPA3/WPA2-Personal encryption and SPI firewall, automatic security updates, parental controls, and a separate guest network. The Linksys Hydra Pro 6 is currently available in the U.S. for $299 on and will gradually roll out at major retailers across the globe.

Why Offering Free WiFi Is Good Business

Offering free WiFi to customers can be a nice incentive towards encouraging customers to patronize your business. Customers will linger longer in your establishment especially if they have access to WiFi services or WiFi calling services. Particularly if your WiFi offers that extra bandwidth for applications that require a constant internet connection.

Heavy bandwidth-dependent applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive will often require staying connected to the network. This could last for a relatively long amount of time. Not only does it allow customers to linger longer and make purchases but also boosts your customer satisfaction efforts.

At the back end, the availability of WiFi for the business can help drive productivity and collaboration in the workplace. With WiFi available in the workplace you do not have to worry about investing in cables linking terminals or need to set up complicated routers across the office, thus reducing the clutter in the workplace.

Image: Linksys

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