Live Blogging Day 2 Blog University: More Links

It’s Day 2 of Blog University and I am again live blogging. Right now I am listening to the opening keynote by Andrew Lark of Sun Microsystems.

Meanwhile, until I can get a post up on Andy’s keynote, let me point you to some other posts about yesterday’s sessions:

  • Updated: It’s a BlogFest! by Michael Podboy, who happens to be seated next to me today. (I’m at the laptop table — you have to have a computer to sit here — er, not really but it seems that way.)
  • Top Reasons PR People Should Blog by Spinfluencer.
  • How to Pitch Bloggers: Quick Notes from the New Communication Forum by Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher.

UPDATE: Jeremy Wright is seated on my left at the “laptop table,” typing furiously. All that typing intrigued me. So I pulled up his site and found that Jeremy is live blogging Andy Lark’s keynote. I feel like I need to clone myself so that I can take in everything that’s happening — I’m listening to the speaker, trying to take notes, taking the odd digital photo, and reading Jeremy’s take on the talk all at the same time.

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