Live Blogging from Blog University – How to Write a Blog

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This is my third live blogging post from the New Communications Forum “Blog University.”

Trudy Schuett of the WOLves blog is leading a relaxed, informal discussion about how to write for a blog.

Trudy and I had met up at the Sacramento Airport last evening and drove together to the hotel (the Silverado in Napa). On route we talked about how readers of a blog will actually influence and shape the content of the blog. Through comments, links and emails, readers will tell the blogger what they want to read. Bloggers who pay attention to the feedback are apt to tailor their content to suit the audience interest.

According to one of the participants, Dan Taylor, Managing Director of Mobile Enterprise Alliance: “You don’t have to be an expert, either. Most bloggers I’ve encountered are open to saying ‘Hey, I could be wrong.'”

What’s a bad blog post? One with the wrong link or that doesn’t tell you anything.

As to the appropriate length of a post, the general consensus was “It depends.” It depends on the writer’s style and the topic — and also what your readers want to read. Some of Trudy’s most popular posts have been very long posts. As Trudy says, “You have to consider each blog post individually.”

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