50 Main Street Local Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

There are plenty of different way to encourage support for business districts. Here are 50 different Main Street local marketing ideas for the holidays.

The holiday shopping season can be a great time for Main Street organizations and Chambers of Commerce to support local merchants and other downtown businesses. There are plenty of different paths you can take to encourage support for business districts. Here are 50 different ideas for marketing Main Street this holiday season.

Local Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Create a Local Gift Guide

If you want to showcase all the different products people can buy from local businesses, put together a gift guide, either in print or online, to offer some ideas.

Print a Shopping Magazine

You could also print out a special magazine or brochure that includes information about local retailers and other businesses and deliver it to nearby residents.

Host a Special Event

Special events like parades, tree lightings and more can attract people to a downtown area. Then you can include sales or other promotions specifically aimed at getting people to buy from local businesses.

50 Main Street Local Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Have Regular Events

Or you could host a regular event once a week or so. This allows customers to get into the habit of visiting the business district and lets them know when there’s likely to be a lot going on in the area.

Include Sidewalk Sales

If you’re in an area where it’s not too cold, you could have local businesses set up some of their products outside so that people attending those local events don’t even have to go out of their way to see some of the products available.

Create a Facebook Page

Having an online presence on sites like Facebook can be a great way to alert people about local events and promotions. So you could create a Facebook page specifically for the downtown area so that local residents can follow for updates.

50 Main Street Local Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Have a Coupon/Flyer Exchange

To drum up more sales for a variety of different local businesses, you could have business owners trade coupons, flyers and other promotional materials to give out at their locations.

Invite Santa to Town

You could also host an event where you let kids get their picture taken with Santa Claus at a centrally located part of the local business district. Or you could even have Santa move around to visit multiple different business locations.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

A contest or scavenger hunt of some kind can be a great way to get people to visit multiple different locations throughout a downtown business district. You could organize your own scavenger hunt with local business owners and even give it a holiday theme.

50 Main Street Local Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Have a Progressive Dinner

You could also offer some kind of food or treats that people can get at different businesses. Then have each business include flyers or information about what items they can get from the other businesses in the area.

Print Holiday Maps

For those customers who aren’t sure exactly what they can get at every downtown business, print out some informational maps and have them available at prominent locations throughout town.

Offer a Mitten Tree

Consumers are likely to want to do some kind of charitable giving during the holidays. So you could set up a mitten or giving tree with some requests from local families in need. Then shoppers can buy those requested items and drop them back off downtown.

Hire Local Entertainers

To create a really festive environment in your area, you could hire local musicians to play holiday songs for shoppers in the area.

Make a Promotional Calendar

You could also create a calendar that includes information about local businesses and any relevant promotions.

Offer Multi-Store Gift Cards

Gift cards are really popular during the holiday season. And you can help local businesses in your area gain some business having them team up to offer gift cards that are usable at a variety of different downtown locations.

Create a Cohesive Light Display

People also love looking at impressive light displays throughout the holidays. So if you can get local business owners to team up to create a cohesive display throughout the business district, it could attract even more shoppers to the area.

Host a Holiday Movie Viewing

There are plenty of themed movies that are popular throughout the holiday season. You can set up a big screen outside or at a local business and invite customers to come downtown for a special viewing.

Offer Local Transportation

For customers that want to browse around different downtown businesses, you can make it easier for them by providing some kind of fun transportation like a trolley or even horse and carriage rides.

Create a Dinner and a Movie Promotion

To support restaurants, theaters and other businesses in your downtown district, you can create gift certificates that they can use for a dinner and a movie or similar night out.

Host a Craft Fair

You can even get smaller businesses that might not have a physical location involved in your Main Street holiday promotions by hosting a craft fair or similar event in the area.

50 Main Street Local Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Create Memorable Graphics

When promoting your downtown area in stores and online, it’s a good idea to have some kind of recognizable graphic that people will recognize. You can even make holiday themed graphics to really get people into the spirit.

Have a Local Shopping Hashtag

To encourage people to share their experience patronizing local businesses, you can create a special hashtag just for holiday shoppers and local customers.

Encourage Facebook Check-ins

You can also put up signs reminding people to check into your downtown district and specific local businesses on Facebook.

Create a YouTube Video

And you can spread the word about all the different businesses in your downtown district by creating an informational video and posting it on YouTube.

Make a Locally Focused Pinterest Board

To share relevant products and business information on Pinterest, you can create some themed pin boards to showcase specific types of products from local retailers.

Support a Local Charity

To show off the philanthropic spirit of your area, you can choose a local charity and invite members to come to your area and collect money or educate people about a cause. Or you could even get multiple businesses in the area to donate proceeds to a particular charity.

Send Out Invitations

When you host an event in your downtown district, it can be a good idea to send out actual invitations to people in the area who might not otherwise hear about the opportunity.

Partner for a Giveaway

Consumers love winning free things. So you could organize a giveaway with multiple local businesses so that one or more customers has the chance to win a curated selection of local items.

Decorate Cookies at Different Businesses

You could also have a district-wide cookie decorating contest where people can show off their skills throughout the season for the chance to win specific local prizes.

Let Customers Decorate Stores

Or you could give customers the opportunity to make some holiday decorations at different local businesses. And then those businesses can use those homemade decorations to create a unique and festive environment.

Call Attention to the Benefits of Shopping Local

There are many ways that shopping local can help the economy and local residents. So you could create a video, brochure or other marketing materials to remind customers of some of those benefits.

Leverage the Local Parade

Many communities have parades around the holiday season. And you can use those events as a way to get the word out about different businesses in your community by making your own float or display or even sponsoring the event.

Offer Historical Tours

If you have any historical buildings in your downtown area, you could offer tours aimed attracting those who want to learn about the history of the area.

Keep Businesses Open Late

To offer even more options for shoppers, you could set up extended shopping hours for some businesses in the downtown area.

Set Up Ice Skating

You could also offer outdoor winter activities like ice skating to attract more potential customers to the area.

Partner With Local Publications

To show off some of the offerings of local businesses and to publicize events or promotions, you could sponsor or pitch stories to a local newspaper, magazine or even a popular local website.

Host an Online Contest

You can also get customers engaged online by having some type of contest where customers can submit photos, stories or other items on social media.

Display Local Art

Throughout your downtown area, you could show off artwork from local artists to encourage people to walk around and see all of the different pieces.

Encourage Customer Photos

You could also set up photo opportunities like some cool backdrops or props to encourage customers to share their experience of shopping in your community.

Offer Special “Shop Local” Products

Those who really like shopping local might even buy some products with that message. You could sell items like t-shirts and tote bags with your downtown district’s slogan and then use the money to support promotional efforts.

Get Local Shoppers Involved in Publicity

Every year, there’s some kind of trend, like flash mobs or this year’s mannequin challenge, that gets a lot of attention on the internet. You could organize one of those stunts with customers in your local community. This would get people to come to the area to participate and also get you some attention online.

Change the Name of Your Main Street

What might be Main Street the rest of the year could be Christmas Avenue or Candy Cane Lane during the holiday season, just for a little extra holiday cheer.

Put Up a Giant Tree

A giant tree is a must for any festive holiday shopping district. You could even have a big tree lighting event to kick off the holiday season.

Collect Items for Charity

Many charities accept items like winter coats or canned goods to help families in need. You could have local businesses set up boxes to accept those items from customers and then facilitate the donations.

Set Up a Gift Registry Site

To make gift giving a bit easier, you could set up a website with different products and gift cards from local merchants and then let customers create wishlists that they can send to people.

Provide Reusable Bags

Reusable bags can help the environment and spread positive messages throughout the holidays. You can provide stores with some reusable bags that include messages about shopping local.

Target Specific Customers

There are plenty of opportunities for special events throughout the holidays. But you can get even more specific with the consumers you target by hosting events like “girls’ night out” or kid-focused activities.

Host a Sporting Event

Sporting events like races or games can get people to visit your downtown district. You could organize this type of event and then have local businesses sponsor it for publicity.

Set Up a Pop-Up Shop

You could also get more people to visit the area by setting up some special pop-up shops for a limited time.

Offer a Loyalty Program

And throughout the year, you might consider starting a loyalty program so that consumers can get rewarded for shopping at any participating local businesses.

Implementing the Magic: Turning Ideas into Action

The abundance of innovative marketing ideas offers Main Street organizations and Chambers of Commerce a wealth of possibilities to invigorate their downtown areas during the holiday season. To bring these ideas to life and create a bustling, festive atmosphere, a strategic approach is essential. Here’s how you can turn these ideas into actionable plans:

  • Prioritize: Select a handful of ideas that align with your community’s preferences and resources.
  • Plan Ahead: Create a detailed timeline for each chosen idea, ensuring that preparations and executions are seamless.
  • Collaborate: Engage local businesses, artists, musicians, and volunteers to join hands in crafting a unified and captivating holiday experience.
  • Promote: Utilize a variety of communication channels – from social media to local publications – to spread the word about upcoming events and promotions.
  • Engage the Community: Encourage residents and visitors to actively participate in the festivities, whether through shopping, sharing photos, or attending events.
  • Measure Success: Track metrics such as foot traffic, social media engagement, and sales to evaluate the impact of each initiative.
  • Adapt and Evolve: Remain flexible and open to adjustments as you gather feedback and insights from participants, continuously improving the holiday experience.
Action StepsDescription
PrioritizeSelect a few ideas that match community preferences and available resources, ensuring a manageable workload.
Plan AheadDevelop detailed timelines for chosen ideas, ensuring smooth preparation and execution.
CollaborateEngage local businesses, artists, musicians, and volunteers to create a unified and captivating holiday experience.
PromoteUtilize diverse communication channels like social media and local publications to spread the word about events and promotions.
Engage the CommunityEncourage active participation from residents and visitors through shopping, sharing photos, and attending events.
Measure SuccessTrack metrics such as foot traffic, social media engagement, and sales to assess the impact of each initiative and identify areas for improvement.
Adapt and EvolveRemain flexible and open to adjustments based on participant feedback and insights, ensuring a continuously enhanced holiday experience.

By embracing these ideas and translating them into actionable plans, Main Street organizations can orchestrate a vibrant and enchanting holiday season that fosters community spirit, supports local businesses, and creates lasting memories for all who partake in the festivities.


The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and unity, and Main Street organizations and Chambers of Commerce have a unique opportunity to champion local merchants and downtown businesses. The collective efforts can transform bustling business districts into festive havens, creating an enchanting atmosphere for shoppers and nurturing the spirit of community engagement. These 50 diverse marketing ideas for the holiday season provide a roadmap for nurturing a thriving Main Street ecosystem, where local businesses and shoppers alike thrive.

From curating gift guides to fostering interactive events, each idea is a beacon of creativity, encouraging support for local retailers and enhancing the shopping experience. Embracing print materials, online platforms, and immersive experiences, these strategies cater to the dynamic preferences of modern consumers while cultivating a timeless sense of togetherness.

As lights twinkle and laughter fills the air, the holiday season beckons all to join in the festivities. By leveraging these innovative approaches, Main Street organizations can infuse their communities with holiday spirit, supporting local businesses and creating cherished memories that resonate for years to come. So, as the season unfolds, let these ideas guide the way, lighting up Main Streets with the magic of the holidays.

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