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An effective logo tells the story of a company, its visions and its values, and fonts are the foundation of nearly every logo. After all, a logo is more than an engaging graphic design, it serves as a symbolic name for a business, a brand’s visual representation within customers’ minds. And before you can select the perfect geometric elements for your logo design, it’s vital to determine the perfect logo fonts. But what are the best fonts for logos?

How to Choose Business Logo Fonts

If you’re wondering how to make a logo for your business, you’re probably curious about how to choose the best fonts for your business logo. The font sets the tone for the entire logo and impacts all other design elements.

Millions of options are available as good fonts for logos from the best font sites like Adobe Fonts and Envato Elements. How do you choose the best logo fonts? The following tips can help you choose the perfect logo font for your small business:

Remember Your Brand Identity

A company’s logo is a pivotal part of a brand’s identity. After all, the logo visually represents the business and its products in customers’ minds. Therefore, it’s important to consider a brand’s personality when choosing business logo fonts. Is the brand classic and elegant, or is it more fun and adventurous? There are fonts to represent these and any other brand identity.

Understand Various Font Families

Before you can select a specific logo font, you can significantly narrow down the options by deciding what font family best represents your brand. Will you choose a font that includes a serif or a san serif typeface? Perhaps you might even prefer script fonts or novelty lettering.

The type of font category can determine whether your brand is considered formal and sophisticated with a serif or fun and relaxed with sans serif or scripts, among many other implications associated with the logo font.

Consider Your Planned Logo Usage

How will your logo be used? Where will the logo be displayed? Is the logo going to appear on a large billboard, or in a mobile app? Some fonts have higher readability when displayed in large print from a distance, while others work better displaying smaller details. You might even want a font that is scalable, clear and visible in both small and large formats.

Keep It Simple

An effective logo is a simple logo. A minimalist logo design aids readability and recognition, both important qualities when designing a logo. Business logo fonts, therefore, should also be simple to aid in the overall minimalist logo design. Use no more than two fonts in a logo, and choose those with classic lines and unsophisticated style.

Best Stencil Fonts for Business Logos

Stencil fonts include typefaces with slits through their strokes that appear as if they’ve been cut. Stencil fonts consist of simple yet bold characters that grab attention and make a statement. A variety of stencil fonts are available from popular resources like Adobe and Envato Elements, including a few that are ideal for designing a small business logo.

1. Rufina Stencil

The artistic Rufina stencil font from Adobe and other sources is a simple yet elegant typeface that looks more like an artistic design than a stencil. The Bodoni-influenced stencil font is ideal for businesses looking to portray a sense of style and flair.

2. Stencil

Adobe’s original Stencil font has been chosen by countless brands for their logo designs over the years. The bold typeface makes a strong statement, and its readability remains clear from a distance.

3. Lust Stencil

The Lust Stencil font, available from Adobe and other online sources, is bold and clear like other stencil fonts, but the typeface adds flair to its characters with the addition of a stylish serif. The option is a great logo font for brands looking to stand apart from the competition.

Best Script Fonts for Logos

Want a logo that is sure to stand out among a sea of san serif digitalized characters? Script fonts are popular choices as logo fonts because they offer a visual appeal that contrasts with the modern norm. If you want your brand’s logo to be teeming with character, try one of the following script fonts for logos:

4. Dogma

The Dogma font, found at Adobe and a variety of other sources, features a sans serif script typeface designed for clarity and readability. The Dogma script font stands out in a logo while still clearly conveying its message.

5. Blenda

Available from Envato Elements, the Middleton Blenda script font is a script typeface that provides a logo with a sense of sophistication and elegance. At the same time, the font remains clear and readable in both print and digital formats.

6. Bouquet

Sporty and exciting, the Bouquet typeface is a script font characterized by thick cursive lettering. The Bouquet font, available from Envato Elements and other sources, is sure to make a strong statement with a readable message in any logo.

Best Sans Serif Logo Fonts

In typographical terms, sans serif refers to lettering that does not feature extending features at the end of strokes, known as serifs. Sans serif fonts remain a popular choice for logo design because of their readability, clarity and versatility. While there are thousands of sans serif typefaces from which to choose, the following can be chosen as powerful logo fonts.

7. ITC Avante Garde Gothic

ITC Avant Garde Gothic | Adobe Fonts

Available from Adobe Fonts, Gothic typefaces like the ITC Avante Garde Gothic font are strong sans serif fonts that provide simple, clear text for logos. The geometric sans serif font is available in multiple weights to match various logo styles.

8. Open Sans

Another popular san serif typeface available from Adobe is the Open Sans font, a humanist sans serif font commissioned by Google in 2011. The Open Sans is a great logo font because it provides a clear and strong message in both print and web formats.

9. Futura

Futura is a sans serif typeface that remains a popular choice for displays and logo fonts. Offered by Adobe Fonts and a host of other sources, Futura’s geometric design makes it a popular choice as the foundation of a strong logo.

10. Acme Gothic

Want a memorable logo font that grabs attention? The Acme Gothic font was designed to resemble the thick-and-thin Gothic lettering style of yesteryear, conveying a strong message while retaining clarity and readability.

11. Axia

Axia is a versatile font family that features uni-width sans serif lettering in 10 different widths, each available in both lowercase letters and an italic version. Available from Adobe and other platforms, Axia’s various options allow for the font to be featured in a variety of logo uses, from brand names to added details.

Best Slab Serif Logo Fonts

Also known as a square serif or Egyptian style, slab serif typefaces are popular for logos because they offer the sophistication of a serif with the simplicity of a Gothic character, thanks to their thick, block-like serifs. An assortment of slab serif logo fonts are available from sources like Adobe Fonts and Envata Elements.

12. Vista Slab Serif

Vista Slab Serif is a modern logo font, popular for its clarity and readability. The typeface is available from Adobe and other sources in a variety of different weights, making it versatile to suit all sorts of logo designs.

13. Roseau Slab

Certain slab serif families are so clear and bold, they had to be created for logo design. Roseau Slab, offered at Envato Elements and other online resources, is both modern and minimalist in its presentation, and its various weights make it a versatile choice of logo font.

More Good Fonts for Logos

Some of the best logo fonts fall outside of the above categories. Small business owners might choose to brand their companies with novelty fonts for a unique presentation, or they might choose a more traditional serif font to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

14. Garamond Premier

Garamond is a popular display font due to its readability and elegance, with clear and crisp serifs. Adobe’s original Garamond Premier font is a strong choice for a logo typeface, sure to deliver a direct message with a sense of sophistication.

15. Trajan

A lot of cool logo fonts are available to carry a variety of tones and meanings. Adobe’s Trajan font is a serif typeface based on classic Roman characters. The crips and clear lettering makes it a favorite choice among logo fonts.

16. Verona

Want to make a statement with your logo while also retaining a sophisticated flair? The Verona font, a typeface offered by Envato Elements and other sources, is an elegant display font that features clear characters and elegant script-like strokes.

17. Munale Loird

The Munale Loid serif display font offers a chic tone in a minimalist design. A typeface available from Envato Elements and other sources, the stylish font creates a fresh and readable logo design.

18. Cadfille

Want to design a logo that’s bursting with character? Cadfille has been called a bold and modern serif with a swash and alternates that make it an adorable typeface for logos, headlines and other bold displays. The modern font is available from Envato Elements and a variety of other font resources.

What is the best logo font?

What is the best logo font? With so many great logo fonts from which to choose, how do you know what makes the perfect font for your own logo design? Sans serif fonts typically make the best logo fonts, including popular sans serif logo font choices like Helvetica and Comic Sans.

What is the best sans serif font for business logos?

Popular sans serif font choices like Helvetica and Comic Sans are both outstanding choices of logo font, but the best sans serif font for business logos is Futura. As a logo font, Futura is clear, it is bold, and it retains readability from any distance or in any format.

How many fonts should you use in a logo?

Simplicity is key in logo design, and therefore you should use no more than two or three fonts in a logo. Logos containing more than two or three fonts appear busy and cluttered, and their readability decreases. Try choosing a primary font for your brand’s name and a secondary font for the details.

Should you use the same font as your logo?

Should you use the same font in your logo and your other business documentation? While you might want to replicate your logo on websites, newsletters, emails and business stationery, you do not have to repeat the same font in other documents and communication. Some designs, however, might share the primary logo font, such as the headline on your website.

What logo fonts do famous companies use?

Ever wonder what fonts were used in some of the world’s most famous logos? Well-known brands create logos with many of the same versatile fonts as any other business, including the following examples of famous and popular logo fonts:

  • Adidas‘ famous logo is built upon the Avant Gard Gothic demi font, a sans serif typeface that now offers instant brand recognition.
  • Twitter‘s instantly recognizable logo feature’s the brand name illustrated by the Pico typeface, a clear yet fun logo font that remains readable in large and small formats.
  • The world-famous Facebook logo features the classic Klavika Bold font, creating a visual brand that is now synonymous with the company.
  • Gillette‘s recognizable logo relies on the Futura font, in an extra black shade that stands out in print and online formats.
  • Surprisingly, the famous Energizer logo was created using one of the most classic and popular logo fonts, Helvetica.
  • For its famous iTunes logo and other popular logos, Apple relied on one of the best logo fonts, Myriad Bold.

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