Looking for Success In Franchises (And Other Small Business Opportunities)

Looking for the best small business opportunity for you can be a challenge. Franchises are one, but certainly not the only, option. Here are some ideas no matter what small business you are considering.

Franchise Basics

How to pick a winner. Are you thinking about getting into franchising? No business opportunity is perfect, but franchises have created some incredible small business opportunities in the past. The key is knowing what to look for in a franchise that will perform to expectations. WSJ

Should you incorporate? Once you’ve picked that winning opportunity, does it make sense to incorporate? Franchise consultant Joel Libava shares this great interview with incorporation specialist Nellie Akalp to learn more. The Franchise King

Human Resources 101

Do you have geniuses on your team? There may be potential in your small business that you didn’t even realize. Those resources could help you drive huge innovation if only you know how to tap them. Your resources are, of course, your existing team. Here’s how to get started. Open Forum

Helicopter parents (and other human resource problems). Here’s a discussion about unusual hiring and staffing management practices with an important point about what you should really be looking for in employees. bizCompare

Tech Tips

Apps that will save you money. Revolutionary technologies have created apps that can help small business owners compete with the big boys. You don’t need to be a technology company to take advantage of these. Bloomberg Businessweek

Social Media

Choosing your words carefully. Everyone knows about the incredible networking power of LinkedIn. But did you know the words you choose for your profile can make a gigantic difference. An important infographic shows you more. Resonance

What Facebook can teach you. Core values can pilot a company to success. When a company fails to follow those values, it can mean a failure to reach that ultimate potential. Here are some lessons about core values from one of the world’s most successful companies. BusinessTips.ph

Small Business Leadership

What makes a person an entrepreneur. It’s a fascinating question defying easy answers, but here’s a look at how one small business person came to realize what he was best at and how to build a business around it. BizSugar Blog

Don’t skimp on this stuff. Operating a small business requires intelligent use of resources. But that doesn’t mean cutting corners when it comes to making sure you have the tools you need for success. There are some things no small business can be without. Small Business Trends

What rain forests teach you about growing a business. Marketing consultant Robert Brady took a trip to Caribbean rain forest and came back with some unique perspectives on growth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re growing a PPC ad campaign or a business in the F2F world. Here are some insights you may want to consider. Righteous Marketing

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