Can Lumen5’s AI Really Create Marketing Videos Automatically? Read On

Can Lumen5’s AI Really Create Marketing Videos Automatically? Read Our Lumen5 Review

Lumen5 allows businesses and marketers alike to easily create high quality videos at scale.

Lumen5 is a video creation platform that turns blog posts into social videos. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence that allows businesses and brands to create videos for their content marketing at scale.

Here’s a simple video created from a past Small Business Trends post while testing the product for this review.

Lumen5 Review

How it Works

You will have to sign up for an account, which is pretty easy because they only ask for your name, email and password.

To start creating your video, you will be asked to enter a link to a news article or a blog post and the platform’s AI system will automatically transform your post into a video.


This is where you begin. Enter the link to the news article or post that you want to transform into a video.

Lumen5 Review - How it Works Step 1

Lumen5 will automatically pick the blog content and place it in a board. Then you select the content that you want to be featured in the video.

Lumen5 Review - How it Works Step 2

Once you are done summarizing and adding text you want to be featured, you will be prompted to drag and drop media from the library field and add it as a background image. You can also add your own watermark, logo and even include a call-to-action.

Lumen5 Review - How it Works Step 3

Select important keywords, then click on the “A” icon to highlight them. You can break down long sentences. Put the cursor where you want to make the split and press enter. Once you are done editing your video, just click save at the top right corner of your screen. You can add music from the sidebar on the left.

Click publish once you are done and happy with the outcome.


The platform is currently free to use. You can create unlimited videos and access all features without paying a single cent. Sign up for a free account to start creating. The Lumen5 team seems to be still testing things out, so they will probably introduce a pricing plan in the near future.


Lumen5 makes it easy for businesses, marketers and brands to produce videos at scale. The video creation process is pretty simple and you can create a video within minutes. The rendering process, however, takes a few minutes to complete. Once it’s done, you will get an option to publish on Facebook or to download. You can also edit your video further if needed.


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