Make Your Business Better in 2012

Could 2012 be the year for your small business? Your friends at Small Business Trends have pieced together this beginning of year roundup to share some inspiration.


12 resolutions to change your business. Here are 12 resolutions that Barry Molt claims will have a transforming impact upon your business. From how you hire and fire to how you use social media, how will your business be changed today? Open Forum

A new approach in 2012. Maybe those big sweeping resolutions are too hard to achieve and too overwhelming. Take this approach instead. Commit yourself to “a new resolution every day” and find success making the changes you seek. Get Busy Media

News & Trends

Some small businesses are optimistic. How about you? 2012 could be a year of cautious growth for small businesses. There is sign of some improvement, but experts warn challenges remain. How optimistic are you for the performance of your small business this year? WSJ

Is it time to sell to China? One opportunity still open even to small businesses is the market in China. There are challenges certainly to overcome, but one expert says the opportunities in the market could be almost limitless. Bloomberg Businessweek

Best Practices

Having accountability. One of the most important keys to success in small business is how you handle mistakes. Understanding the importance of being accountable to clients when things go badly is a test for any business. Entrepreneurs Unpluggd

Starting a new business this year? Be sure to write a business plan first. While you will hear many debates these days on the importance of this step, one entrepreneur lays out a compelling case. EpicLaunch


Up Your Sales In A Down Market. Concerns about the economy aside, your small businesses success depends on your ability to sell your product. Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell reviews a book whose title says it all. Small Business Trends


What kind of entrepreneur are you? The new year can be a great time to take stock, but Travis Campbell takes a somewhat different approach beginning with a look at the small business owner’s career as a marketer. Where do you fit in? MarketingProfessor

More Info & Tips

Top 2012 predictions. This infographic centers on predictions specifically about small business in the new year but may be a great way to look ahead at trends of which your small business needs to be aware. Matt About Business

Small businesses are about building relationships. Here are some lessons you may want to take to heart. Read the case study and see how relationships can impact the future in your small business. Step By Step Marketing

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