Making Business Plans Easy

Making Business Plans EasyIs there anything more frightening to a business owner than this question:  Do you have a business plan?”

Well, not having enough money to pay your bills, or getting threatened by legal actions are also frightening.  But since I’m reviewing “The One Page Business Plan for Women in Business,” I’ll stick with the first example.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room first.  If we’re not approaching someone for financing, do we really need a business plan?

The short answer is yes. Every business should have one.  And I would say, as would the authors of this book, that for most businesses, the one page business plan is sufficient.

I was sent this book by one of the authors, Tamara Monosoff, who has written several other great books for women business owners.  This time she teamed up with “One Page Business Plan” expert Jim Horan to create a book specifically for women in business.

And I like it.  I really, really like it.

Now, I’m not exactly a slouch in the business department, and I have a finance degree and an MBA, but I don’t like creating business plans. However, I figured that creating a business plan that’s only one page wouldn’t kill me.  So I decided to use the book to create a business plan for myself.


As a fan of fill-in-the-blank stuff, I really liked the idea of a one-page template containing the five areas that needed to be filled in on the plan: Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans.

The best part was the CD in the back of the book that contained already filled-in examples from all types of companies, and a blank plan that you could fill out yourself.  The CD also contained useful budgeting and sales forecasting worksheets.


This book is also a workbook, with questions and space designed to help you figure out the elusive Mission and Vision statements, as well as the Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans.

Examples from Women Business Owners

Throughout the book, there are examples and advice from Women Business Owners in a variety of industries.  This really helped make the reader (me) connect with the book, as I am also a Woman Business Owner.

Any Drawbacks?

Of course.  Is anything perfect?  I had a colleague, Lauren A. Cohen, Esq., president of e-Council Inc., review the book, since she writes many business plans. She really liked the book and thought it would be useful for many business owners.  The only caveat, she said:  “If a business is looking to raise capital, or license or franchise their business, a more detailed business plan would be necessary.” This makes sense.

The Bottom Line

The book and CD were useful in helping me create a one-page business plan that will help me focus on growing my business.  And I didn’t go crazy in the process.  That, to me, is the beauty of this book.


Margie Zable Fisher Margie Zable Fisher is the President of Zable Fisher Public Relations, helping small businesses connect with clients and potential clients online and offline through Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing. She offers free, award-winning tips at Zable Fisher Public Relations.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Margie. While it’s true that a more elaborate plan is necessary for certain kinds of businesses, it’s good that a one page plan can be functional for those trying to get a feel for what their business can do.

  2. Thank you for your review!

    A stellar business plan is more important now than it has ever been.

    One must do it right.

    The Franchise King

  3. Thanks Margie

    I found the program back in 2000 and changed my business after doing it via a 1-day class Jim taught. 3 years later, when he offered certification, I jumped on the opportunity and got certified.

    It’s an excellent process. And it’s great for folks who need funding. It helps them get focused BEFORE they sit down to write the longer plan. And most Angels and even some banks I’ve come across would be glad to have someone come to them with it; before they were given their process. I think it’s because of the way it helps owners focus, and talk about their business in a way that others will understand what they’re doing and what they’re after.

  4. Thanks for the insight there Margie, there are actually a lot of small businesses out there with very little aim in where they want to take their business, which causes many small businesses to fail or get off to a very slow start.

  5. Margie,

    I’m thrilled to see your endorsement of the One Page Business Plan for Women in Business. I first came across the One Page Biz Plan on Oprah’s website and downloaded a copy of the template for myself. I had never created a business plan before and realized I needed one if I had any hopes of running a “real” business, rather than just accepting money for the services I provide to my coaching clients.

    I wrote my plan in a few hours, posted it on my bulletin board in my office, and then was honestly amazed (and really proud) when I started checking off my accomplishments against my plan. I had my most successful year ever thanks to that plan. And because it was so easy and effective, I started using it with all the mompreneur clients I coach.

    It makes such a huge difference! And this new book (co-authored by Tamara Monosoff) makes writing your own business plan so easy with helpful templates, examples and questions to get you really thinking about what you’re trying to create. It’s definitely not the complex, scary process I thought I could never do.

    So cheers to you for getting your plan done this year!

    Take care,
    Lara Galloway
    The Mom Biz Coach

  6. I do not think that to have a business plan is a must for every business manager. After all, there are no statistical evidences about the fact that having a plan has improved someones performance. However, most of us, entrepreneurs do have a plan, but in our heads.

  7. Thank you for creating this book. I like the idea of the CD resource with examples of business plans. I am getting this book today. I love it a one page business plan book for women.

  8. Glad that so many are enjoying the book!

    if you’d like to attend a free Vision Statement Program — based on the vision statement in the One Page Business Plan(R) book, we’re doing programs on Jan 6 and 13; and also will schedule programs at other times during the year.