Making Money from Your Blog – Eight Insider Tips

Normally I try to stay away from writing about blogging, or how to make money from a blog. I’ve found that many other writers have covered the subject ad nauseum.

However, recently I have been working on an article containing 8 tips for how to monetize a blog. It’s based on my own experiences with this site and my radio podcast blog. It is also based on my experiences working with the Creative Weblogging network, a profitable business consisting of nearly 100 niche blogs, where I am an “entrepreneur in residence” (my official title is Executive Editor).

I was planning to submit the article to a magazine and see if I could get it published that way. But then I answered my email one day. Adnan over at was writing to ask if I would be willing to submit a guest post. I thought of the article I had been writing off and on for three months, and said “sure.”

Adnan published the article this week — and a few words are in order before I point you to it:

  • First, my article is for those interested in building a business for the long haul — professionals and small business owners. Get-rich-quick it is NOT. If you want the latest on how to get Slash-dotted or how to game Digg, you’re better off looking elsewhere. But if you are serious about making money consistently over time, and growing your income from your blog every year, then read the article.
  • Second, I’ve tried to be as specific as possible, but remember that it is an “overview” type of article. Each of the eight tips could be expanded to an entire chapter in a book (and eventually may be), but that is for another day. As it is, the article is 1400 words and Adnan had to split it up into two articles to make it more readable online.

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