10 Tips for Making Your Content Marketing More Productive and Impactful

making your content marketing more productive

Content marketing includes so many elements, from blogging to video creation to social media. All of these can take valuable time from small business owners and marketing teams. But there are little things that can make these tasks more efficient and/or more impactful. These tips from members of the online small business community may help.

Boost Your Brand by Repurposing Old Content

Your content can serve your business for more than just a week or two. In fact, there are several ways to repurpose content and offer it in new ways. Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging explores a handful in this post. And BizSugar members shared their own thoughts here.

Explore Writing Guest Posts

If you want to grow an audience for your blog, it can help to share your expertise elsewhere as well. Guest blogging opportunities may help you build credibility and name recognition. Sharla Ann Matyjanka goes over the concept here.

Make Sure Your Online Content Is Accessible

Creating amazing content can only help your brand if it’s accessible. That includes making sure it’s available for those with any type of disability. This Search Engine Watch post by Atul Jindal includes an accessibility checklist for content marketers.

Get Clear About Who Your Customers Are

If you’re creating content for customers, you need to clearly understand what they care about. An ideal customer profile and/or buyer persona can help you get specific about your content and tons of other business strategies. This Cience post by Anastasia Voitehina dives into the difference between these concepts. So you can choose the model that works best for your business.

Get More From Your Existing Content

You don’t constantly need to create more blog posts and videos to benefit from content marketing. You may also grow from optimizing the content you’ve already produced. Tony Patrick details how to accomplish this goal in this Content Marketing Institute post.

Gather Ideas for Your Email Newsletter

Your email newsletter requires unique content, just like your blog and social media channels. So you should constantly look for inspiration and ideas. Ivan Widjaya shares some in this SMB CEO post. And members of the BizSugar community commented on the post further here.

Create a Content Strategy That Works

Content marketing isn’t just about constantly pushing out new posts. You need a strategy to really make the most of the content you produce. In this Duct Tape Marketing post and podcast, John Jantsch goes over creating a plan that works for your business.

Keep Up with These Social Media Trends in 2022

Social media can amplify your content strategy. But these platforms constantly evolve with new algorithms and trends. To make the most of your strategy in 2022, read about the year’s relevant trends in this MarTech post by Corey Patterson.

Make the Most of Facebook Organic Marketing

You don’t need to pay for ads to amplify your content on Facebook. There are still ways to get engagement and bring relevant customers to your page, as Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner details in this post.

Choose the Right Long-Tail Keywords

Most content marketers know to include basic keywords in posts and headlines. But long-tail keywords get even more specific. Learn about choosing these to improve your content strategy in this SEMRush post by Sergio Aicardi.

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