Marketing 360 Launches Small Business Benefits Platform

small business benefits platform

Small business owners can now benefit from a powerful network and digital marketplace that provides resources and tools specifically designed to help manage and grow a business.

Small Business Benefits has joined forces with Marketing 360 so their members can access a fully integrated Marketing 360 platform which has all the tools and resources a small business needs on one singular marketing platform. These resources include working with a talented marketing team consisting of designers, content writers, ad specialists, video editing professionals and photographers, as well as website building and organizational tools.

Marketing 360 Small Business Benefits Platform

Small business owners often lack the resources that enable them to fully market the products or services their business offers. They are often too busy running the business itself and struggle to find the time and energy to manage the marketing side of things.

This partnership between Small Business Benefits and Marketing 360 will solve all of those problems with a one stop shop. It is not just for start-ups either, as even long established businesses can reap huge rewards from the marketing tools and resources now available, saving them the trouble and expense of hiring an in-house marketing team.

Free ‘Best-in-Class’ Marketing Products and Services

Small Business Benefits said in a press release that: “Small business owners often lack the resources to fully market their businesses themselves. After all, they should be spending their time running the business and doing what they do best, and having an in-house marketing team is expensive. That’s where Small Business Benefits comes in.

“Small Business Benefits is free to join and stacked with best-in-class products and services. In addition to marketing support, Small Business Benefits, through its strategic partnerships with companies like Oasis, A Paychex Company, 1800-Accountant, BenefitHub, and Office Depot, is also able to offer employee benefits, accounting and tax support, lending and capital, and tons of everyday perks.”

Benefits for Small Business Owners

As well as providing small business owners with the chance to work with a talented team of marketing experts and build an attractive and intuitive website, there is also the opportunity to capitalize on multi-channel advertising that can drive leads from popular channels like Google, YouTube, and Facebook. The platform has automated nurture tracks so business owners can truly nurture leads and clients.

There will be a fully customizable CRM that can scale with a business as it grows. Small business owners can then use the platform to manage all of their contacts, projects and deals, as well as use the email and text message marketing service.

Another benefit for small business owners of this partnership between Small Business Benefits and Marketing 360 is the ability to manage social media. The platform will allow business owners to create and schedule social media posts across a variety of platforms, all from Marketing 360’s Social app.

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