Marketing Proves Greatest Small Business Challenge

Small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on marketing with good cause. Small businesses need marketing to promote their new products and services and to build a strong, loyal customer base. So what are you doing about marketing your business?

The Message is the Thing

When it’s time to market that great product. For many businesses, the product comes first, that great idea that made you decide to go into business in the first place. Of course, sometimes that’s when the hard part starts. Bloomberg Businessweek

Failing to get your message out. The product or service you offer may be great, better than what anyone else has to offer. But, what good does it do when you can’t get the marketing part to work? Here are some thoughts. Small Business Trends

Vision & Branding

Maybe you need a new vision. If you’re trying to improve what your business does, the first step may be to change your direction. To do this, define your company’s mission and purpose to produce better product experiences, better customer experiences, and better customer relationships. Fast Company

Making your brand inviting. A big part of selling what you do is convincing customers it has value. That’s where your branding efforts should come in. Here are some ways to make your business brand more appealing. Dr. Shannon Reece

Spreading the Word

Getting better press. Better press can lead to more business, but how can you get the media attention you need. Not surprisingly, it can start with your business blog. Consider these ideas. TweakYourBiz

Working at online reputation. Controlling your brand and reputation in your local community or market is one thing. Trying to police your reputation online is something else again. Here are some ways to get started. Brick Marketing Blog

Making Plans

How Yelp can help. Many small business owners seem to tremble at the thought of customer reviews on sites like Yelp. But the fact is that, handled correctly, these review sites can be a tremendous benefit to your small business marketing. Noobpreneur

Developing a strategy that works. Having a strategy to get the word out about your business, product, or service should never be an afterthought. Such a strategy should be, in fact, an important component of your business plan from the start. Understanding Marketing

Final Thoughts

Software that sells. In addition to the efforts you put into getting your product known and boosting your brand, software is also available to give you a hand. Here is a peek at what’s available in the marketing arsenal. Expert Business Advice

Don’t use this four letter word. When marketing your small business for greater success, watch out for a four letter word that can halt your efforts in their tracks. Don’t use this kind of language when building your business! Firefly Coaching

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