Marpai Inc. Introduces Health Plan Tailored for Small Employers


Marpai, Inc. has launched an exclusive health plan designed specifically for small employers. The Marpai Vitality Plan will provide an alternative in the burgeoning self-funded health plans sector, where small businesses are increasingly opting for more control, cost savings, and superior employee benefits.

The Kaiser Family Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey reveals that an estimated 20% of workers employed by businesses with fewer than 200 employees were enrolled in self-funded plans by 2022, a considerable increase from just 13% in 2011. As small businesses acknowledge the benefits of shifting from fully insured to self-funded health plans, the Marpai Vitality Plan emerges as an optimal solution. It couples ease of implementation, speed, and comprehensive coverage to precisely meet the needs of small businesses seeking to enhance employee benefits, maximize savings, and provide value-based healthcare options.

Often, small employers lack the infrastructure to handle self-funded health plans’ complex, time-consuming implementations. The Marpai Vitality Plan has been carefully crafted to simplify this process, ensuring a smooth, trouble-free experience for small employers newly venturing into self-funding. From the initial setup to ongoing management, the streamlined approach allows organizations to become operational quickly, enabling them to focus on their core mission – growing their business.

The Marpai Vitality Plan extends comprehensive healthcare to groups of less than 100 employees. It provides a broad array of services, including access to national and regional provider networks, compliance, banking, vision and dental options, telehealth, COBRA administration, out-of-network repricing (OON), utilization management (UM), pharmacy benefit management (PBM), care management, subrogation, and stop-loss placement. By strongly emphasizing value-based benefits, the Marpai Vitality Plan empowers smaller employers to prioritize their employees’ well-being and healthcare outcomes.

Edmundo Gonzalez, CEO of Marpai, commented on the launch, stating, “We understand that small businesses are increasingly shifting towards self-funded health plans to take advantage of increased savings. Our goal is to empower these organizations by providing a plan that is easy to implement, quick to set up, and offers comprehensive coverage for employees and their families.”

By opting for the Marpai Vitality Plan, small businesses can gain a competitive edge, offering robust benefits packages that attract and retain top talent while promoting healthier lifestyles and more effective healthcare utilization. The tailored services are designed to cater to their needs, helping them navigate the intricacies of benefits management effortlessly.

Image: Marpaihealth

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