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Our Mission
Be the ultimate resource for
main-street small business

Small Business Trends, LLC was founded in 2003 with the belief that startup entrepreneurs, business owners and the managers who work for them should have access to the latest news and insights presented in a way that is relevant to them.

Anchored by the flagship Small Business Trends website, the company includes a portfolio of Web properties and a digital magazine. We comprehensively cover news, resources, issues and trends affecting small businesses with up to 100 employees.

We report news and information in context. Our dedicated team of nationally-renowned columnists, editors with deep news experience, subject matter experts and staff journalists give insights that make news meaningful.

We show "how to." We don't just report on the what and why. We publish detailed guides, checklists, tips and tutorials. We also highlight valuable resources and tools.

We believe authenticity is crucial. We deliver information through the informed lens of a team that is itself a small business. Bootstrapped by noted small business expert Anita Campbell, the site is laser focused on serving small businesses.

We stay true to our large and targeted audience. Small Business Trends, LLC directly reaches more than 2 million small business owners, entrepreneurs and other decision makers monthly. Our readership is highly targeted because we cover only relevant business topics. Through active participation in social media, we have social reach and exposure to 3 million more monthly.


Small Business Trends includes multiple properties:

  • Small Business Trends: flagship daily news and advice site
  • Digital Magazine: each issue is packed with useful how-to’s and insights
  • Marketplace: where community members can share their own ebooks, whitepapers and other digital products
  • BizSugar: community site where members share their content
  • Tweak Your Biz: sister site with a distinct international focus

Small Business Trends produces two annual Awards programs:

  • Small Business Book Awards: serving entrepreneur authors and business book lovers
  • Small Business Influencer Awards: recognizing vendors, professionals and others who influence business owners

Examples of Past Sponsors

  • When failure is not an option, committed small business people visit and subscribe to get "small business success... delivered daily" from Small Business Trends.

Editorial Features


Small Business Spotlight

From one business owner to another. Each Spotlight is an inspiring behind-the-scenes look at a real small business. Includes quick-take lessons they share with peers.

Practical Wisdom

Small Business Trends delivers a lifetime of practical advice for main street businesses. Tips, how-to’s and authoritative insights from subject matter experts.

1-on-1 Interviews

The most influential senior executives -- from Silicon Valley to New York -- share insights on technology and innovation in our exclusive Q&A interviews, led by industry leader Brent Leary.

Finger on the Pulse

What small business voices across the Web are saying. A discerning weekly roundup of advice, opinions and debate from the community.


Breaking News

Coverage of the latest news. If it affects small businesses, we cover it. Our experienced journalists get the facts and put the news in context.

Everyone is Talking About It

We keep tabs on the latest trends in the small business community … from social media phenomena to entrepreneurial lifestyle issues.

On the Scene

Exclusive coverage of key live events attracting small businesses.

You're Invited

A relevant curated list of conferences, webinars, networking events, awards and contests for small businesses -- our public community calendar. Updated daily.


Reviews - Will it Work for You?

Reviews of the latest products, gadgets, software and services for small businesses. Our reviewers rate them 1 to 5 stars.


In-depth guides on how to start, run and grow a business.

Books, Books, Books

Our professional reviewers size up the content, freshness and usefulness of books for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. We rate them 1 to 5 stars.

Resources Center

You’ll find tools, interactive quizzes, checklists and more, to run a business smart.

The above editorial features can be made available as sponsored content or sponsored sections. Contact us.

Digital Magazine

The Small Business Trends Magazine covers popular topics in an appealing digital magazine format that is downloadable and printable. Each issue covers a specific theme and highlights evergreen content -- like an in-depth topic guide. It is distributed directly and through partners, including Netline and Meylah.

Full page, half page and third page ads available. In-content ads also available.

Circulation: 80,000

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Our Audience

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    Small Business Trends Draws a Targeted Small Business Audience

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    The Small Business Audience by Industry

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    Audience:  Decision Makers

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  • Traffic
    A Thriving Community of Entrepreneurs, Owners and Managers Who Visit Regularly and Engage
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    Engaged Readers and Active Social Sharing

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CPM Based Banner Ads

CPM or Cost Per Mille, represents what it costs for an ad to be shown a thousand times. We place banners in the header, sidebar and elsewhere in the sites.

We also offer ad skins. An ad skin is a background visual that serves as a branded border for a site.

Other formats and sizes of ads may be accommodated. Please inquire.

Magazine Ads

The magazine ads are displayed in our monthly magazine.

We offer full page, half page and third page ads.

Provide your own ad creative - or we will happily create a magazine ad using your brand colors, logo, product image and brief text at no additional charge.

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Event Sponsorships

Small Business Trends offers online (and occasionally offline) event sponsorships. Our well-known Small Business Influencer Awards recognize those who influence small business owners through their services and products. The Small Business Book Awards recognize entrepreneur authors and surface new book releases for owners, managers and entrepreneurs to learn from.

We're also open to partnering with brands to create a special event to your specifications. Contact us.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Webinar Sponsorships

Build awareness, generate leads and showcase products and services.

Sponsored Slideshows

Establish wider visibility using industry experts, statistics and/or audience contributions; promote on platforms like SlideShare.

Sponsored Ebooks and Whitepapers

Ideal for those seeking to gain positive brand lift and awareness associated with a specific need among decision makers.

Sponsored Twitter Chats

Generate new social followers, brand awareness, positive PR and thought leadership.

Content Series

Sponsor a series of articles on a topic relevant to your business. Also can include sponsorship of the Small Business Spotlight series or 1-on-1 Interview series.


Reach out to our email subscribers with your message.

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Reporting and Analytics

Real time reports and analytics for content and native ad campaigns.

See how well your native ads and sponsored content are performing across the site and in social channels. Self-serve, available online.

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Kind Words From Readers, Sponsors and Partners

  • “The performance was awesome, and we really appreciate your service. This was a big win for the client.”

    — Media planner, PayPal campaign

  • “As a small business marketing expert and CEO of Constant Contact, I relied on Small Business Trends as my go-to resource for what’s happening in the marketplace. They cut through the noise and spin to keep small businesses informed. ”

    — Gail Goodman, Former CEO, Constant Contact

  • “I turn to Small Business Trends on a daily basis to learn about new technology, new ideas and trends in the small business world. There is no place else I need to go. Small Business Trends has it all.”

    Kip Marlow, author of The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice

  • “I was delighted when I was nominated for the Small Business Influencer Awards and after seeing the amazing list didn't expect it to go any further. I'm honored that not only was I voted for by friends, but that a third party panel looked into what I do and found that to be valuable in the small business industry.”

    — Michelle McCullough, Managing Director, Startup Princess

  • “Small Business Trends co-marketed a webinar with us that resulted in thousands of registrants. They put it on the home page, co-promoted and gave tremendous exposure to our company. Anita Campbell was a great moderator -- very professional and got a great response. ”

    — Rohit Arora, CEO,