10 Mega Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On

10 Mega Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Are you keeping your eye on the latest marketing trends. Members of our small business community have already dissected these upcoming trends and have tips to share. For suggestions on capitalizing off of these major trends, read on. This week’s Small Business Trends community and information roundup has a list of 10 mega marketing trends your business needs to understand.

Remember Storytelling and Community Building

(White Label Agency)

Digital marketing may be nothing new. But don’t loose site of the most important trends in the field. Allen Jezouit has put together this list of digital marketing trends. Pay special attention to the importance of digital storytelling and community building.

Use Memes in Your Marketing

(Small Biz Daily)

When you think of memes, you probably just picture cute cat photos with silly captions. But memes can actually serve practical purposes for businesses if you know how to use them. Here, Jack Dawson shares five tips for using memes effectively in business.

Make the Most of YouTube

(Third Sector Today)

YouTube can be a really great storytelling platform for certain types of businesses. But it can also be particularly effective for non-profit fundraising efforts. This post by Joseph Nelis includes tips and examples of how some organizations are making the most of YouTube for raising needed funds.

Focus on Better Quality and Mixed Media

(Resonance Content Marketing)

Content marketing has been a huge benefit to small businesses as well and will continue to be in the future. But one expert says there is a major trend under way in this field of marketing too. In this slide presentation, Rachel Parker includes some content marketing trends including the need for better quality content and more multi-media. And the BizSugar community discusses these trends as well.

Optimize Your Business for Mobile Searches


Where are people searching for your business? Very soon mobile search will surpass desktop as the way most potential customers look for your business. That’s why this post from John Hingley suggests that businesses really take the time now to focus on optimizing their sites for mobile searches.

Take Another Look at Best Practices on Facebook

(Agora Pulse)

Facebook may already be part of your online marketing strategy. It’s been a popular tool for small business marketing for quite some time. But not all of those businesses actually use the platform successfully. Are you? In this post, Nicholas Grizzell put together a list of some successful Facebook pages and explains what they did that worked.

Use Text Messaging Ethically

(Professional Liability Matters)

Text messaging is an incredibly popular form of communication. So naturally businesses want to make the most of it. But according to this post by Seth L. Laver, Michael P. Luongo and Sharon Angelino, businesses need to use care when contacting people via text message, so as not to violate any laws or ethics rules.

Discover the Holistic Marketing Approach

(Biz Penguin)

What makes one ad more effective than another? In this post, Ivan Widjaya suggests that the best ads make a point of speaking to the whole person. This is done through masterful us of visuals, engaging a sense of nostalgia and creating an unforgettable experience. Read on as members of the BizSugar community discuss this concept in greater detail.

Use Data to Select the Best Marketing Channels

(Insights 2 Marketing)

Not all marketing channels are created equally. Some may work more effectively for a particular product or for a particular time of year. To make the most of these channels, you should be using the ones that reach the most people most effectively given time of year, type of product etc. This post by Melissa Barron includes some insights about marketing channels along with a chart showing the most utilized channels for holiday campaigns for example.

Sharpen Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

(Retellity Blog)

The few months at the end of every year can be a whirlwind for many small businesses. But it’s important to remember the reason you’re so busy in the first place. Taking proper advantage of the huge amount of shopping going on this time of year can be a great boon for your business.  This post by Kate Teng shares some insights into the holiday experience for small business owners.

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  3. Is it worth spending time on Facebook, when all this year they have increasingly reduced the reach a fan page has, and that it has been announced that in 2015, that will get even worse? I have my doubts about it. Don’t you?

  4. I have talked a long time about checking your premises and find out your “why” in business, so Ivan Widjaya’s post, Discover the Holistic Marketing Approach, is spot on. We need an integrated to the individual and the business.

  5. Great post! Nice work highlighting memes – they are an excellent way to show off your brand personality. Determining the ways to connect and engage with your customers isn’t always the same in every market. A great way to determine what your customers are interested in is by building customer personas. Check out this article and let me know what you think! http://www.yola.com/blog/understanding-your-audience-creating-online-personas/