Meta Introduces ‘Verified’ Subscription for Small Businesses Across its Platforms

Mark Zuckerberg revealed the expansion of the ‘Meta Verified’ subscription for businesses across Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp at Meta’s Conversations Conference in Mumbai.

What is ‘Meta Verified’ and Why Should Small Businesses Care?

Originally introduced for creators to cement their digital presence, Meta Verified is now extending its arms to businesses. The essence of this offering is simple: a subscription model to help businesses amplify their online presence, gain trust with a verified badge, and protect their brand from impersonations. This could be a valuable tool for small business owners to distinguish their brand in a saturated digital market.

The phased rollout will first see testing on Instagram and Facebook in specific countries. WhatsApp will join this lineup at a later stage.

Key Features to Look Out For:

  1. Verified Badge: A clear marker for authenticity, ensuring customers that they are engaging with the genuine business.
  2. Impersonation Monitoring: An essential for brand protection, this feature will proactively monitor and mitigate potential impersonation attempts.
  3. Enhanced Support: Troubleshooting and account support to ensure smooth business operations on the platform.
  4. Elevated Visibility: Meta Verified businesses on Instagram and Facebook will get a boost, appearing at or near the top of search results and recommended as verified businesses to follow. WhatsApp will have its unique offerings, including custom WhatsApp pages searchable via the web and multi-device support, permitting multiple team members to interact with customers.

For businesses keen on pricing details, the subscription will cost $21.99/month for a single platform (either Instagram or Facebook) or a bundled rate of $34.99/month for both. Mobile users might see a slight difference, with the price set at $27.99/month per platform. The pricing strategy for the WhatsApp integration remains under wraps.

Safety First

One of Meta’s key talking points is the robust safety framework for this service. To subscribe, businesses must adhere to stringent eligibility criteria, including a minimum tenure for their Business Account, mandatory two-factor authentication, and a rigorous verification process. This process ensures that businesses and customers feel confident in the legitimacy of verified entities.

In essence, the Meta Verified subscription can significantly boost small businesses aiming to establish a powerful digital footprint. As the digital landscape is rife with competition, features like these can be pivotal in determining visibility, authenticity, and success.

Image: Depositphotos

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