Meta Introduces “Made with AI” Labels for Clearer Online Content

Meta says it will start labeling images and videos with a Made with AI tag for content that's been created using artificial intelligence.

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, is rolling out new labels called “Made with AI” to help users identify content that’s been created or changed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Monika Bickert, who oversees content policy at Meta, announced these changes, emphasizing their goal to make it easier for people to understand when they’re seeing AI-generated images, videos, or audio.

The decision comes after feedback from the Oversight Board and a thorough review of Meta’s policies, which included surveys and talks with experts. Previously, Meta’s rules mainly focused on videos altered by AI to show someone saying something they didn’t actually say. But with AI technology growing fast and becoming more common in creating realistic photos and sounds, Meta says it needed to broaden its approach.

The new policy will not only label AI-created content but also give extra information about it. This is to ensure that people know more about what they’re seeing online, which can help prevent confusion or misinformation. However, if any content goes against Meta’s community standards, like promoting violence or bullying, it will still be removed, regardless of whether it’s made by AI or a person.

Starting in May 2024, Meta will begin applying these “Made with AI” labels, and by July, it will stop taking down manipulated videos unless they break other rules. This change aims to balance the need for free speech with the need to prevent misleading content on their platforms.

For small business owners, this update is significant. It’s crucial to understand how AI-generated content is labeled and handled on major social platforms, as it affects how they manage their online presence and engage with customers. Being aware of these changes can help businesses maintain a trustworthy image and stay informed about the digital environment they operate in.

Image: Meta

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