Meta Launches Tool to Help Creators and Publishers with Intellectual Property Rights

Meta recently launched a new website to help creators and publishers better manage their intellectual property.

Meta Launches Rights Manager Site

Rights Manager is intended to combat copyright infringement and protect lawful expression on Facebook and Instagram. The website provides ‘unprecedented transparency’ into the tools and policies that Meta uses to give copyright holders better control over their intellectual property, including when, how and where their content is shared across Meta platforms.

meta helping creators and publishers with intellectual property rights

Protection for Small Business Owners

Business owners who don’t have a team of top copyright lawyers ready to go can really benefit from Rights Manager. Anyone who creates original content to publish on Meta-owned social media like Facebook and Instagram can now use the Rights manager website to learn about the many systems, policies and procedures that help protect their content.

Meta has also made testimonials from partners who’ve benefited from using the powerful tool available for new users to learn even more from.

A ‘Robust Intellectual Property Program’ For All

In statement on the About FB website, Meta explained: “Over the years, we’ve built a robust intellectual property (IP) program that includes proactive measures, a global IP notice-and-takedown team, specialized reporting tools and a repeat infringer policy. The Rights Manager website reflects our dedication to this work and continued investment in tooling and collaborative relationships to support rights holders.

“We’re constantly working to expand Rights Manager to more creators.”

How to Apply for Access to Rights Manager

Anyone with a Facebook Page can apply for access to the Rights Manager website and the tools and information available there. Your Facebook page does not need to be public or even published. Applicants simply go to the Rights Manager website and fill in the application form which provides Meta with information that helps them understand the scope of the applicant’s rights.

The Meta team then determine if Rights Manager is the right fit for them and processes the application.

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