Spotlight: MEVORATR Offers Unique Products for Honoring Lost Loved Ones

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Losing a loved one is always difficult. But it can be a bit easier if you find ways to remember them fondly. MEVORATR offers products that help customers do just that. Read about the unique shop in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Sells personalized products like wooden signs and ceramic plates.

Owner Berna Bayar told Small Business Trends, “Most of the products are prepared for people to feel their deceased loved ones with them on their happy days.”

Business Niche

Helping people remember positive memories.

Bayar says, “When my customers open their packages, the good feelings of the past are revived. So what my business knows is that it makes people happy.”

How the Business Got Started

To honor lost loved ones.

Bayar says she was struck by the feeling of sadness when loved ones pass. So she wanted to create products that would make people happy like their loved ones could be with them on special days. She started the business with very few resources as a fourth-year university student.

She adds, “When I started this business, I didn’t even have $100, but instead of doing nothing, I decided to start.”

Biggest Win

Investing in new equipment thanks to one large order.

Bayar explains, “My small business received an order for 20 personalized plates one day, and it was an opportunity to grow my business. There was 1 laser machine that I owned. I make my products with this laser machine. But it was insufficient. I immediately ordered a top model laser machine. This has been very good for my business.”

Biggest Risk

Investing a large sum in new machines.

Bayar adds, “Since I bought them all at once, I had very little money left and this risk made me nervous. Since I don’t know how these machines are used, I had to do research and was afraid that it would take a long time. Of course, I was afraid that the products I would make with these machines would not sell. However, things did not go as I expected and my products started to sell. I learned from here that you cannot progress in your business without taking risks.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Getting a new space to live and work.

Bayar says, “First of all, I would expand my workspace as my flat is very narrow. I would move to a bigger flat because working in a home environment makes me happy.”

Funny Mishap

Trying to “barbecue” leather.

Bayar explains, “One day I bought leather to make a leather wallet. I thought I could cut it with a laser machine. The laser machine cut the leather but caused a very bad smell. It’s like I’m having a barbecue in my apartment. My next-door neighbor heard the smell and came and asked how I could barbecue inside the house. Because my apartment doesn’t even have a balcony. I laughed so hard at this and couldn’t forget that smell for a few days and couldn’t eat meat products.”

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