Microbusinesses and Other Trends

New business opportunities are on the rise, niche markets into which you might expand or create whole new ventures to exploit. Being ready for these options means watching trends carefully to see where your small businesss’s next big opportunity may lie.

Tips & Trends

Microbusinesses trending in 2012. These new markets are ripe for conquest though, of course, they may not be right for every entrepreneur. Do you see your niche on the list? Small Business Trends

Small biz tips for a new year. We hope you enjoy these 12 tips, amongst the best we’ve seen for creating a successful business in 2012. Can you add some points to this list? We’d like to see them. USA Today

Doing Business

Does your small business need a logo? Yep! It may sound a bit minor compared to all the other things you need to think about, but just consider the power a logo can create for your brand. What will your logo look like? Blogtrepreneur

Are customers getting tired of feedback? Getting feedback from your customers is important for any small business, but what if you customers aren’t interested in taking part? It may be a growing problems as survey fatigue sets in. WSJ


The year of the dragon is upon us. What can this significant event teach us about being an entrepreneur and running a small business? Here are some “tips from the Far East” that could change your business. Tweak Your Biz

Working from home. It’s a significant new trend that’s common among small business people and the general public alike. But, guess what! There’s a lot more to this lifestyle than just lounging around in your pajamas. Fast Company

Best Practices

Stop sweating the bad economy. There’s no need to give in to the slow economy when it comes to growing your small business. There are ways to expand and boost your revenues even in the worst of times. Read more details on how it can be done. My VenturePad

How vulnerable is your small business? If you lost all of your online data tomorrow, would your company be able to survive? If this question freaks you out, your business is probably vulnerable. It’s a danger in particular for companies that conduct most of their business on the Web. What can your company do? Duct Tape Marketing

Boosting Productivity

Tracking your goals. How are you tracking your small business goals? Knowing where you are and where you’re headed is extremely important for any entrepreneur. Here are some online tools you may want to consider. Lifehacker

Working better every day. As an entrepreneur, you know there’s a need to compete mainly against yourself. Pushing past your own limits is the key and knowing how to do better today than you did yesterday is very important. So how do you do the best work of your life? In Over Your Head

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