MicroMessages, Social Media Branding and More

MicroMessages, Social Media Branding and More

It’s time for another community news and information roundup. And have we got a lot to share. Here’s our weekly survey of useful information and advice collected from across the Web. It’s gathered from our wide and varied online small business community. Check the bottom of this post to learn more about how you can be involved.

Now, let’s begin.

Are You Sending MicroMessages? (People Management Consulting)

Cecil Wampler, our BizSugar Contributor of the Week, shares some thoughts about what we’re subtly telling our employees and business associates by the way we communicate. Thanks Cecil for a great discussion as well in the BizSugar community.

Salaries When Working at Home Versus on Site (eWomanWeb.com)

Kathleen Lewis has created this interesting comparison of work-at-home versus working on site earnings. Though salaries are generally lower for telecommuters (with a few interesting exceptions) there are advantages. This is also something to consider when thinking about your own workforce.

Staying Clear of Plagiarism (Open Forum)

Creating content is becoming a huge job for every business, but especially for businesses online. Taking shortcuts even subconsciously by borrowing too much from someone else’s content can land you in hot water. Anita Campbell has some precautions to consider.

Another Look at Blogging for Business (CC Marketing Online)

Among the top methods of content creation for small businesses online is through a business blog. If your company doesn’t have one of these yet, Carolina Miranda gives some tips about how to get started.

Branding with Social Media (SBA.gov)

There are so many ways to use social media for building your brand. In this post, Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell picks just six. Also check out her previous six suggestions for social media branding on the SBA website.

Digital Printing for Small Business Revisited (Capital Copy Print Media)

Raymond Sziber has this overview of the rapidly changing field of 3D printing and its possible uses for business. Of course, 3D printing and its business implications are nothing new to us here at Small Business Trends. It’s a technology we expect to continue covering for some time to come.

PEOs Offer a Variety of Resources (Genesis HR Solutions)

The initials stand for Professional Employer Organization. If you haven’t heard of these organizations yet, you’ll want to read this post from Kevin Mason about the economies of scale they can bring your business.

Quality Content Trumps High Traffic (2Tasks)

If you’re wondering what’s most important, it’s the quality of your content. Blogger Eric Stacy argues SEO is fine, if it brings people to your website for the right reasons. If not, well, it certainly won’t help your bottom line.

Early Adopters, Laggards and the Late Majority (Marisa Alvarado)

Which one of the above groups you happen to fall into in your personal life is unimportant. But being a laggard is not such a great idea in business, says Alvarado. You may not realize your customers are leaving you behind…until it’s too late.

The Art of the Niche (The Solopreneur Life)

You’ve no doubt heard of niche marketing and perhaps niche businesses. But you may not know what’s involved in picking out a niche of your own.

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