Microsoft Changes Logo for First Time in 25 Years

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A company’s logo and brand make a difference. Though they won’t convince anyone to buy or consume a substandard product or service, they can tell a business’s story, set it apart from competitors by communicating it’s unique value, and create an important association for customers between a company’s message and what it creates.

Whole New Look

A sea change. The new Microsoft logo is a major shift for the company, its first significant change since 1987. Combining the multicolored symbol found on Windows products with Microsoft’s traditional wordmark, the logo is intended to combine tradition with company heritage. The Verge

Running the risk. Changing your logo can be riskier and a bigger deal than many might think. Marketing expert Barbara Kahn, professor of marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said a logo must be “distinctive, clearly identified with the brand, and consistently used over time.” The Seattle Times

Better Branding

Colorful communication. There is a reason why humans associate red with hunger, green and blue with calm, and very specific colors with specific brands. Color communicates psychologically with customers on a primal level, but consistent use of colors with a logo or brand also makes a powerful impact on them. Effective use of colors is not just a matter of first impressions. UPrinting

Signs and symbols. The degree to which branding is effective may depend not upon the amount of money your company has to invest in marketing, but upon the consistency you use in applying graphics, suggests graphic design expert Emily Brackett. In this post, Brackett looks at how an idea as simple as a bike rider logo painted on the road can communicate quite a bit. VisibleLogic

What Works

Mobile motivation. With the increased popularity of the smartphone, brands must increasingly integrate with the mobile world. However, marketing consultant Gary Bembridge believes it unlikely brand specific apps will be the way to go. On the other hand, failing to integrate a brand into the world of apps used by potential customers may isolate a business from its market long term. Marketing Mix Man

Brand building basics. There are many things that go into a brand besides simply a snappy looking logo. From high quality products to positioning and even re-positioning, there are many ingredients that go into the mix. Other elements include good communication and being the first-mover in the marketplace before competitors arrive on the scene. Expert Business Advice

In Retrospect

Maybe they should have hired this guy. Even if Microsoft never took graphic designer Andrew Kim up on his idea for a new logo, this post should give any thoughtful entrepreneur insight into the logo creation process. Brands that tell a company’s story and support its products and services generate loyalty from existing customers and win over new ones. Minimally Minimal

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