Microsoft Launches Windows 8, Now Available on 1,000 Plus Devices

Microsoft launched its long awaited Windows 8 yesterday. Over the years, the operating system has been a boon for businesses, spurring innovation and increasing productivity. Today there are many other tech tools that can make your business run better and more efficiently. We’ll start with a look at the new Windows 8, then check out other tech you may want to consider investing in soon.

The Big Guns

Have a peek. The new Windows comes in a variety of flavors, including Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows Enterprise for larger organizations, and Windows RT for mobile devices. The new family of Windows products features what Microsoft calls a “fast and fluid” start screen, giving one-click access to applications and other content. The software will be available beginning today. Microsoft News Center

Come in, we’re open. You can use the new Windows versions on a huge number of devices. Microsoft says more than 1000 PCs are certified to operate with Windows 8. The launch of the new Windows also corresponds with the opening of a new online Windows Store, offering downloads of Microsoft apps and a Windows 8 user interface. Tech Crunch

More Biz Tech

Smarter than the average business. If you’re a smart small business owner, you’ll create a brainier business too. Here are some of the tools you’ll need. Guest blogger Carole Bennett provides us with an incredible list of goodies. Some of these tools may be familiar to you and others may be new, but all will help you do more with less. The Work at Home Woman

Improve your social life. HootSuite, a service mentioned in the previous link, is only one example of the tools available to manage your social media efforts and improve your productivity. Social media can be a time sink, as we all know. Management tools help you plan ahead and schedule social media campaigns, but they also help you monitor feedback on multiple channels. TodayMade

Share and share alike. Cool mobile tools are also giving merchants a whole new way of sharing their products. Qwiqq is one such tool. The app combines mobile capabilities with social sharing, allowing businesses to share their products with a social audience. But that’s not all. Qwiqq also creates a virtual of “word of mouth” by letting customers share the products they love with friends. WebSuccessTeam

Other Cool Tools

The key to success. Social media tools aren’t the only marketing resources available for promoting your business online. There are tools to help you find the proper keywords to use in your blog posts, as John Paul explains here. Just be careful when doing keyword research that you don’t create content only a search engine could love. Quality posts are for readers too, not just for Google. John Paul Aguiar

Waste not want not. Productive entrepreneurs and small business owners all have one thing in common: They hate to waste time. But sometimes it can be hard to be productive when running errands or waiting in line. Fortunately, technology has come along to help us get things done even during these periods away from the workplace. Timo Kiander has created a video demonstrating one of them. Productive Superdad

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