Microsoft Says Viva Sales Will Redefine the Seller Experience

microsoft says viva sales will redefine the seller experience

Microsoft recently launched the Viva Sales application which they hope will redefine the seller experience while enhancing productivity.

Microsoft Says Viva Sales Will Redefine the Seller Experience

Viva Sales builds on Microsoft Viva which was launched last year, and integrates with any seller’s CRM to automate data entry and provide AI-powered intelligence to sellers using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Viva Sales will enhance a CRM system with customer engagement data, leveraging AI to generate personalized recommendations and insights, ultimately helping sellers connect more seamlessly with their customers.

Eliminating Manual Data Entry

Small business owners can use Viva Sales to capture insights from across Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams without the need for manual data entry. They will then receive AI-driven recommendations and reminders without needing to break their flow of work.

Viva Sales will also surface the insights with the right context and within tools salespeople already use, saving time and providing sellers with a more complete view of their customers.

Empowering Sellers to ‘Get the Job Done’

The Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft, Judson Althoff, said: “The future of selling isn’t a new system. It’s bringing the information sellers need at the right time, with the right context, into the tools they know, so their work experience can be streamlined. Empowering sellers to spend more time with their customers has been our goal — and we’ve done that by reimagining the selling experience with Viva Sales.”

Paul Greenberg is the founder and managing principal of the 56 Group, and added: “Sellers rely on digital collaboration and productivity tools to connect with customers and close deals, but a lot of the insights they uncover with these tools don’t make it into the CRM. Microsoft is taking on this challenge by offering a solution that complements the CRM. Viva Sales automates the busy work, captures critical information about the customer and helps sellers get the job done.”

Viva Sales: The First ‘Role-Based’ Viva Application

Microsoft have designed Viva Sales to be a fully integrated seller experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, goals and insights. It the first role-based Viva application designed specifically for sellers and has a number of features and benefits.

There are tools for sellers to do their jobs while still benefitting from the insights that sales leadership needs. Even while working, sellers can tag customers in Outlook, Teams or Office applications like Excel, and Viva Sales will automatically capture it as a customer record. It will then layer the record with all relevant data about the customer. The data can then be shared with team members while collaborating in Office and Teams without having to re-enter the information.

Viva Sales will also recommend the next steps to progress a customer through the sales funnel using data and AI. It will help sellers prioritize their work and identify the next steps required, as well as enabling them to access full history and customer interaction materials.

Such real-time customer insights will give sellers quick and easy access to a much a deeper understanding of where each customer is in their purchase journey.

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