Mistakes and Other Lessons From the Small Business Community

Mistakes and Other Lessons From the Small Business Community

Business lessons can come from many different sources. You can learn from those who have been successful in your industry. But you can also learn from those who have made mistakes. This week, some members of our small business community shared some mistakes and misconceptions that other entrepreneurs can learn from. Those posts are just part of this week’s Small Business Trends community and information roundup. Read on for the full list.

Learn from These Entrepreneurial Mistakes


Even successful entrepreneurs are likely to wish they did a few things differently along the way. Some wish they had financed their ventures differently. Some likely wish they had focused on a different product or service. This post by George Deeb includes some helpful information about what some entrepreneurs might have ultimately done differently. And it could prove a learning experience for others.

Avoid These Misconceptions About Personal Branding

(Joanne Tombrakos)

Personal branding can be a complicated concept. And thus, there are some misconceptions about how to go about doing it. In this post, Joanne Tombrakos shares some common misconceptions about personal branding and the lessons you can learn from them.

Attract and Influence Customers with Case Studies

(Carol Amato)

Case studies might not sound like the most exciting marketing tactic. But they can actually have a pretty big impact on potential customers. In this post, Carol Amato shares some information about using case studies in marketing. And BizSugar members add their thoughts on the subject here.

Boost Your Productivity with Smarter Sleep

(Biz Small Biz)

A good night’s sleep can make a big difference in your productivity for the day. But some kinds of sleep can be more restful and have a bigger impact on your productivity than others. This post by Erik Emanuelli includes an infographic and some data about restful sleep and how it can impact your business. BizSugar members then talk more about the topic here.

Don’t Get Hung Up on the Entrepreneur Thing

(Infusionsoft Blog)

Are you an entrepreneur or just a business owner? There’s no difference, argues Ellis Friedman, blog manager at Infusionsoft. Friedman is responding to a recent post from social media sage Gary Vaynerchuk apparently questioning the validity of the part-time entrepreneur. Friedman is having none of it, but reactions are varied. In the end, it’s probably a good idea to just focus on building your business and avoid getting too hung up on the whole semantics thing.

Get Great Business Ideas


In order to start a business, you need a great idea. And then you’ll repeatedly need more good ideas as you run your business. But not all ideas are truly great. Here, George Meszaros shares some tips for coming up with really great business ideas. The BizSugar community then shares some additional input on the subject.

Design Display Ads That Get Attention

(The Berry Company)

Display ads require great visuals in order to catch people’s attention. Those effective display ads often have a few key features in common. This post by Jennifer Neal includes some information about display ads and how to design them so they’ll get results.

Improve Team Communication


For any business to succeed, it needs a great team that can communicate effectively. In this post, Jason Parker shares some tips for improving team communication in any industry.

Create Lead Magnets That Work

(The Solopreneur Life)

In order to get online leads for potential customers, sometimes it pays to offer some sort of incentive. In this post, Larry Keltto shares some tips for creating lead magnets that actually convert. And the BizSugar community discusses the post further here.

Learn How NOT to Treat Your Customers

(Spotlight on Marketing)

To improve your company’s marketing and customer service, it’s important to look at businesses that are succeeding. But it can be just as important to learn from companies who aren’t succeeding. Here, Kay Ross shares some examples of poor customer service and marketing, so that you’ll know how not to treat your own customers.

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