14 Mobile Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Having an app for your business can provided added benefits around the holiday season. Here are some mobile marketing ideas for the holidays.

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to ensure that your business is ready for the potential profits that mobile ecommerce has to offer.  If you don’t think you need to be ready to target that mobile audience, then here’s a quick history lesson that might broaden your horizons.

Without a mobile-optimized website or app, you could severely miss out on reaching these mobile gift givers.

To start, you need to make it simple for shoppers on a mobile device to make a purchase, or they are going to purchase from a competition that offers that flawless mobile experience.

Alternatively, having that mobile experience yourself offers a substantial advantage over your competition if they have not yet adopted an intuitive mobile strategy.

mobile marketing ideas for the holidays

Mobile apps now account for more than 52 percent of time spent on mobile phones. So, if your business does not have an app, then it is missing out on arguably the best way to reach consumers in the digital age.

Engaging target markets is hyper critical during the holiday season. If you can keep your brand and its products on the minds of customers, then they are almost guaranteed to give you some of their holiday business.

Here are some tips and strategies on how mobile apps can help you to prepare your business for the upcoming busy holiday e-commerce season.

Mobile Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Implement a Loyalty Program

Mobile customer loyalty programs offer exclusive deals and early bird specials to customers. By leveraging existing customer data, through survey tools or a data analytics solution, you can begin effectively targeting customers with the rewards and products they are personally interested in.

Keep in mind, 80 percent of consumers openly admit that they will switch brands if offered the right incentive, so you need an app this holiday season simply to ensure that you are keeping your existing customers.

Reward programs also encourage return shoppers because more “points” means more rewards. Thus, this strategy will payoff even after the holiday rush is over.  After all, it is easier to keep a customer than to find a new one, so reward your existing customers with a really great loyalty program.

Use Push Notifications

mobile marketing ideas for the holidays

With a mobile app, you can include push notifications that let your customers know when you are offering special pricing or having an exclusive sale.  Last holiday season, 75 percent of mobile shoppers used some type of mobile coupon to make a purchase.  So push notifications with coupons drive sales.

Only a small percentage of customers will open an email message and click on a link (about 5 percent but between 30-60 percent of consumers will respond to and open a push notification that is included with an app.

Push notifications are also a great way to keep your brand fresh in people’s minds, even if they haven’t opened your app in awhile.

Improve the Customer Service Experience

Mobile apps introduce a new touch point for customers to access your services and products.

It allows a customer to be able to contact and interact with your brand at any time of the day or night, without having to fire up their computer and visit the website.

Use it as a Marketing Tool

mobile marketing ideas for the holidays

The mobile app can also be an invaluable marketing tool because it is easy to integrate it with social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook.  Customers can share your app with a single tap and communicate the experience that they have had or are enjoying with your company, which provides you with free and valuable promotion.

Additionally, a mobile app is a great environment to notify users about new products that will be of interest to them.

Access More Customers

Today’s mobile-obsessed consumer is constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. We like to be the first to know about something and we get excited when we think we have discovered a new app that is particularly amazing.

Thus, when you manage to offer a mobile app experience that is engaging, useful and fun for the customer, they are more likely to refer it to friends and family members.

Feature Holiday Gift Guides

The holiday season presents a prime opportunity to engage your app users and streamline their shopping experience. A well-curated holiday gift guide can significantly elevate your app’s utility, encouraging more user engagement and conversions. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  • Tailored Curation: Design gift guides specific to various demographics and interests. Examples include:
    • “Gifts for Her”
    • “Tech Gifts for Teens”
    • “Home Decor Enthusiasts”
    • “Travel Junkies’ Essentials”
    • “Books for Young Adults”
  • Segmentation: Group products into easy-to-browse categories. This user-friendly approach reduces the time users spend searching for products, leading to a faster purchase decision.

Level the Playing Field

Developing a mobile app is becoming more affordable for smaller and mid-sized businesses. If you are a small business and you want to compete in your specific market, you have to adapt to changes and have a strong presence on mobile devices.

The amount of time that consumers spend on mobile has increased by 21 percent over the last year, so as an SMB, you have to be ready for what your consumers expect this holiday season.  Those expectations include the ability to shop from their mobile devices.

Simply put, mobile technology helps small business owners to run their business more efficiently.  More businesses are starting to implement internal apps which help their operations to run a lot more smoothly.

Offer Festive Limited-Time Deals

During the holiday season, consumers are always on the lookout for special offers. Create limited-time festive deals that are exclusively available through your mobile app.

These deals could be bundled product offers, buy one get one free, or significant discounts on popular items. The exclusivity of these offers, combined with their limited time availability, will create a sense of urgency among users to take action promptly.

To maximize the impact, promote these deals using eye-catching holiday-themed graphics and ensure that users receive timely push notifications alerting them of the availability of these festive deals.

Make Payment Easy

Mobile apps can be customized by the user so that they can input their payment information. This makes the entire process of making a purchase much, much easier.  85 percent of consumers admit that the prefer shopping on a mobile app than a website.

Much of the reasoning behind this preference is in app payment methods.

Instead of having to get out their credit card or other payment information each time they wish to make a purchase, a customer can simply open up the app that has the information pre-loaded by them and make a purchase with just a few taps.

Introduce Gamified Elements

Incorporate fun holiday-themed games or challenges within your app that offer rewards upon completion. For instance, a daily advent calendar challenge where users can “open” a new door each day for a special offer or reward. Such gamified elements not only enhance user engagement but also incentivize daily app usage, leading to potentially higher sales.

Incorporate Social Sharing with Incentives

Encourage users to share their holiday purchases or wishlists from your app on social media. Offer incentives, like discount codes or exclusive offers, to those who share their experiences or tag your brand. This not only increases the visibility of your products on social platforms but also turns your users into brand ambassadors. During the holiday season, as people search for gift ideas and recommendations, this word-of-mouth marketing can be particularly effective.

Generate More Revenue

Again, 60 percent of consumers used their smartphone for holiday shopping last year. That number is expected to be higher this year. Also, about 70 percent of mobile searches result in the consumer taking action, often in the form of a final purchasing decision, which is higher than the traditional online shopper using a computer.

In other words, there is a lot of transactions occurring in the mobile environment and developing a mobile app gives you the opportunity to get a piece of that revenue. It is also worth mention that your business can earn more money by allowing agencies to run advertisements on your app.

Engage Through Holiday-Themed Polls and Quizzes

Engage users by introducing interactive polls and quizzes tailored around the holiday theme. For example, a quiz titled, “Which Festive Treat Matches Your Personality?” or a poll asking users to vote for their favorite holiday product from your range.

These interactive features can serve a dual purpose: firstly, they keep users engaged and spending more time within your app, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Secondly, they can provide valuable insights into your user’s preferences, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts and product recommendations more effectively.

To boost participation, consider offering special discounts or incentives for users who complete the quizzes or participate in polls.

Keep Your Business Relevant

Today’s consumer spends a lot of time on their phone. If your business offers a mobile app, then you are automatically afforded the chance to get a piece of that customer’s daily mobile time. Moreover, your app can be a lot more engaging than a website and the creation of an app will allow your small business to evolve with your customers, who are increasingly becoming more heavily reliant on their mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing Ideas for the Holidays Summary

Key InsightSummary
Mobile E-commerce Importance An optimized mobile presence is crucial for capturing this audience.
Advantage Over CompetitionA seamless mobile experience provides an edge against competitors lacking in mobile strategy.
Time Spent on MobileMobile apps account for 52% of time spent on phones.
Engagement During HolidaysKeeping the brand and products in front of customers ensures holiday business.
Loyalty ProgramsExclusive deals retain and attract customers; 80% may switch brands for incentives.
Push NotificationsThey inform users about offers; 75% used mobile coupons last holiday season.
Improved Customer ServiceApps provide 24/7 access, enhancing customer experience.
Marketing ToolIntegration with social media allows brand promotion and user engagement.
Accessing New CustomersA unique and engaging app encourages user referrals.
Holiday Gift GuidesSegmenting products eases the shopping process and personalized recommendations increase purchase likelihood.
Competitiveness for SMBsMobile presence is crucial as consumer mobile time increases; aids in efficiency.
Limited-Time DealsExclusive app-only deals drive urgency and sales.
Easy PaymentsIn-app payment methods simplify the purchasing process; 85% prefer app shopping over website.
Gamified ElementsDaily challenges and games enhance user engagement.
Social SharingIncentives for sharing purchases increase product visibility and word-of-mouth marketing.
Increased Revenue OpportunityMobile environment sees significant transaction volume; ads on apps provide additional revenue streams.
Holiday-Themed EngagementPolls and quizzes increase user engagement and provide insights for marketing.
Business RelevanceMobile apps align with consumer behavior trends and can be more engaging than websites.
ConclusionA mobile app can give businesses an edge during the holiday season. It's vital to explore mobile development opportunities to be competitive and relevant in the market.

Strategies for Integrating Mobile Marketing with Traditional Holiday Campaigns

The holiday season is a prime opportunity for businesses to capitalize on increased consumer spending. In today’s digital age, integrating mobile marketing with traditional holiday campaigns is essential for reaching a broad audience and maximizing sales potential. Here are effective strategies to bridge the gap between mobile and traditional marketing during the holiday season:

  • Synchronize Your Messaging Across Platforms: Ensure that your holiday marketing message is consistent across all channels, including mobile apps, social media, email, and traditional media like TV and print. This uniformity strengthens brand recognition and reinforces your campaign’s key messages.
  • Utilize QR Codes in Print Media: Incorporate QR codes in traditional print advertisements, such as flyers, posters, and magazine ads. These codes can direct users to your mobile app or a specific landing page, creating a seamless bridge between physical and digital realms.
  • Leverage Geotargeting for Localized Promotions: Use mobile marketing’s geotargeting capabilities to send location-specific promotions to users. This is particularly effective when combined with local newspaper ads or flyers, encouraging customers to visit nearby stores for holiday deals.
  • Offer Exclusive Mobile Deals to Complement In-Store Promotions: Encourage users to engage with your mobile app by offering mobile-exclusive deals that complement your in-store holiday promotions. This strategy can drive both digital and physical traffic.
  • Integrate Social Media with Live Events: If your holiday campaign includes live events like a Christmas market or a holiday parade, use mobile marketing to enhance the experience. Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media with branded hashtags, and offer incentives for doing so.
  • Create Interactive Holiday-Themed Content: Develop interactive content, such as holiday-themed games or augmented reality experiences, that users can access through your mobile app. Promote these interactive elements through traditional advertising channels to increase app engagement.
  • Mobile App Notifications for TV/Radio Ad Timings: Use your mobile app to notify users when your holiday ads will air on TV or radio. This can increase viewership of your traditional ads and create a multi-channel experience.
  • Email Campaigns Aligned with Traditional Media: Coordinate your email marketing with traditional ad schedules. For instance, send emails that expand on the story or offer in your TV commercials, creating a comprehensive narrative.
  • Incorporate User-Generated Content: Encourage users to share their holiday experiences or use your products in their celebrations, and feature this user-generated content in both your mobile app and traditional media ads.
  • Analytics and Feedback Loop: Use analytics from your mobile marketing efforts to understand customer preferences and behaviors. Apply these insights to fine-tune your traditional marketing campaigns for more targeted and effective messaging.


mobile marketing ideas for the holidays

If you want your business to be competitive during the busy holiday season, it is time to consider a mobile app.  There are many different ways to incorporate these apps and make them work for your business.

You owe it to yourself to find out more about mobile development and how it can help your business.  When you start to investigate the possibilities, you can begin to level the playing field with your competition in the upcoming busy holiday market.

And if you’re still not sure if your business really needs to build a mobile app — check out this website here: Should You Build an App?

The possibilities are endless and app developers can work with you to determine what will work best for your business and how you can claim your stake in the mobile world.

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