Mobile Phones Transforming Small Businesses

What is the most significant piece of technology to impact small businesses worldwide?

The computer? The fax machine? Desktop software?

Try the mobile phone.

Emeka at the Timbuktu Chronicles points to a Reuters article about small business people in Kenya whose sole piece of high technology is likely to be the mobile phone:

“The mobile phone has become the most essential work item for Theuri, a Kenyan plumber, electrician and small businessman who, like so many others in the East African nation, makes a living from various different jobs at the same time.

Thanks to an explosion of growth in the mobile phone industry in Kenya over the past five years, Theuri says his plumbing-electrical business has grown by about 50 percent.

He also operates a community payphone via the mobile network and further cashes in on the boom by charging batteries for a fee. “Mobile phones have helped me very much,” Theuri said.

“Sometimes I receive as many as five calls a day for different jobs. Were it not for mobile phones, jobs would have been very minimal. With the phone, I am well known.”

Theuri says his phone number goes around by word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

He is among thousands of Kenyans, many of them poor, who have taken advantage of the phenomenal mobile expansion to ease the way small businesses operate.

Painters and masons now advertise their numbers on trees by the roadsides in Nairobi. In the past, they would have sat outside hardware shops looking for work from people who have just bought nails, cement and other building supplies.”

See also my post of last month, “Cell Phones on Steroids — The New Computers.”

What technology do you think has impacted small businesses the most? Leave your comment below.

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  1. I agree with all the information mentioned above. Mobile phones now have become a need of every individual and it can’t be denied now. Usage of cell phones are massive all around the globe.

    Your businesses now depend on cell phones too. Daily communication, transactions through phones and alot more.