New MobileHR App Launch Helps Small Businesses with Employee Data

Employee Data Right in Your Hands with New MobileHR App Launch

The newly launched MobileHR App focuses on helping small businesses in the US streamline their HR functions. The MobileHR App collects, maintains and manages employee data.

MobileHR App Launch

Designed by the team of technology experts, the MobileHR App enables small businesses to track a variety of employee data. For example, it tracks time, attendance, projects, talent, paid time off and employee benefits. Users can also feed payroll data directly into any payroll and upload employee documents to the app.

Keeping on top of HR commitments can be a challenge for small businesses. As a result of limited funds and resources, small businesses don’t have team members dedicated solely to HR responsibilities. Failing to take care of HR functions properly can leave a small business struggling to manage. For example, payrolls, employee data, attendance, vacation requests and other projects can all be a challenge.

Furthermore, without an adequate HR system in place, HR procedures run the risk of not being rigidly followed. As a result, small businesses become vulnerable to legal challenges.

For small business owners that handle HR activities themselves or to other members of staff that are employed for different reasons, productivity can be jeopardized, as such tasks can up valuable time that could be spent in other areas of the business, such as sales.

A Tool for Small Business

This is where the MobileHR App can step in. It proves an invaluable tool for small businesses struggling to manage HR responsibilities. As Joseph Romano, CPA of Presti & Naegele, comments on the MobileHR App website:

“This is revolutionary. I have seen nothing like this before. It is extremely easy to use, with all functionalities considered. Thank you for filling a void in the marketplace.”

The app provides a complete HR solution. It helps businesses secure important employee data. And it integrates the financial data with payroll providers. As a result, the app allows businesses to automate and integrate the maintenance, storage, updating and tracking of employee and position data.

Small businesses can save time and paperwork by replacing paper processes and spreadsheets with electronic time-keeping systems that enables users to track and approve time by employees, contractors and consultants by client and project.

Manage Your Vacation Requests

Manage vacation requests easily as well with the MobileHR App. The employee time-off and leave request functions make this easy. They process, approve and track without a piece of paper or spreadsheet in sight.

Other benefits of the new HR app include seamless payroll integration and administration, assignable security roles and employee and manager self-service, employee benefits tracking and performance ratings.

Try it for Free

Try the MobileHR App for free on a seven-day trial. The app costs $74.99 per month.

Download the MobileHR App on Apple devices from the App Store. And download it on Android devices from Google Play.

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