Watch Out for Modobag! It’s Motorized Luggage You Can Ride — Really

Watch Out for Modobag! It's People Driving Motorized Luggage -- Really, It Is

Ah, the road warrior of the business world. The image is almost universal — a business person in the airport running along pulling their luggage, a laptop on one shoulder, a carry on, an overcoat of some kind, and the always present pastry and coffee. (Maybe you are this person!) But if Modobag has its way, the hectic scene will be a distant memory for the tens of thousands of business — as well as regular — travelers plodding through airports around the world.

So what is Modobag, you ask? This video, which has gone viral, shows the old way of getting around the airport could soon be a thing of the past.

The Idea for Modobag

While traveling with the Chi-Town’s Finest Breakers, a dance troupe, Kevin O’Donnell noticed the kids were taking turns riding on his suitcase. And that’s when the light bulb went on. “We’re gonna put motors in these!” he exclaimed. And he rest, as they say, is history.

O’Donnell had studied Industrial Design at the University of Illinois and spent some time in the technology sector, so he called his friend, Boyd Bruner, a college buddy, competitive motorcyclist and designer, to make it happen. Fast forward two years, and the Modobag is being demonstrated by people whizzing on the luggage with big smiles on their face.

The experience in the tech sector definitely came in handy when the bag was being designed, because it seamlessly integrates the functionalities today’s traveler needs.

The Modobag

The 150 Watt electric motor has a belt drive, high torque maintenance-free design capable of reaching speeds of 5 MPH for indoors and 8 MPH for outdoors. The entire unit is put together with a CAD-designed, lightweight aluminum chassis that can support riders that weigh up to 260 pounds.  The range depends on the weight of the rider, but based on someone that is 180 lb., it can travel up to 8 miles.

Modobag in Action

The Modobag has a state-of-the-art lightweight lithium batteries with more than 4,000 full charge cycles, which can be charged to 80 percent in 15 minutes and fully charged in less than an hour. The lithium battery uses the latest patented nano-crystal technology, which makes it compliant with Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United Nations (UN), and International Air Transportation Association (IATA) regulations.

Storage, Charging and Security

The bag has a dimension of 22″ x 9″ x 14″ and weighs in at 19 lbs., with 2,000 cubic inches of interior storage space for your belongings. The side pockets have been designed to quickly put your laptop, tablet and smartphone in a protective casing for easy access.

Modobag - Storage and charging

Since you are going to be carrying these devices, the Modobag has two illuminated USB charging ports, so you won’t have to endure sitting on the floor next to an outlet in an airport if your device needs to be charged.

Security measures include GPRS-GSM real-time tracking with proximity features so you will know where your bag is at all times. The Modobag Mobile App, which is another tracking option, comes with one free year of service.

If so, you can go to the Modobag Indiegogo page and get one of the super early bird specials for $995, plus $69 if you want the tracking app. Estimated delivery time is January 2017.

Modobag in Action

Let’s face it, airports are getting bigger, and it is taking longer to connect to flights and get to your destination. The Modobag will not solve all of the obstacles you face on the way to being seated in your plane and ready for take off, but it could make the experience much more enjoyable zooming around to where you need to go.

Images: Modobag

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