Mojichat Has a Brand Advertising Program for Streamers

Mojichat Brand Advertising for Streamers

Mojichat has announced the launch of a new advertising program targeting live-stream gaming fans. The program will provide brand imagery and links integrated into the streamers’ custom avatars and in-game chats.

According to Mojichat, the Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) based program, has the ability to multiply streamer revenue as much as tenfold – eliminating intrusive pre-roll or mid-stream inserts that shrink streamers’ viewership by 20% or more. This is accomplished while simultaneously enabling brands to reach many thousands of unique users in a single seven-hour stream.

Mojichat sells the ads through its agency Lunchbox GG. With Lunchbox GG, streamers can sign into agreements with brands for advertisements. Businesses can tap into the more than 20 million streamers seeking ways to monetize their gaming activities.

“Mojichat is a turnkey solution for everyone, whether it be brands looking to make a splash in esports or a game launching to the masses, we bring talented streamers (and their audiences) to the brand,” said Jeremy Greene, Mojichat’s CEO in an interview with Small Business Trends.

Since its launch in January Mojichat boasts of having tens of thousands of streamers using its app with a 95% retention rate and 100,000 new unique views weekly. Mojichat participating streamers can average unique viewership of 15,000 with a combined social reach of more than 72 million.

Streaming as the Next Marketing Frontier

This form of advertising will help small businesses to further tap into Gen X (35-54 years old) and Millennials (between 18-34 years old) who account for a significant portion of the streaming demography. Especially in the current self-isolation and work from home scenarios. This means businesses will have further access to their target customers through smartphones, laptops and other devices.

As the game streaming landscape continues to evolve and telecom innovations break access to barriers, the streaming landscape will continue to open up and allow more users.

“We give small businesses the opportunity to get their ads in front of Gen Z and Millennials at a higher engagement rate than Facebook. We keep our pricing competitive”, said Greene.

Mojichat Brand Advertising for Streamers

Mojichat’s custom emote and alert system allows streamers to create unique gaming personas. The options include array of face shape, hair, skin type, hairstyle, clothing and animation options. And it uses the resulting avatar on any streaming video gaming platform including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Mixer.

Not only does Mojichat’s latest offering allows small businesses to expand into new marketing channels but it also comes with analytics to help businesses tweak their marketing messaging to suit key demographics.

“Our services can segment audiences based on Male vs Female Streamers, Streamer Geo, Genre of Game, and Game. Our impressions are guaranteed and validated using API calls with each Streaming Service”, assured Greene.

Mojichat already works inside of the text messaging system and social platforms on mobile. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and Email. A web version is also available directly on the Mojichat website users can download. This allows flexible use of a broadcasting platform that supports transparent GIFs such as, Streamelements, Twitch Studios and OBS.

Through Mojichat bit donations, subscriptions, or other alerts from a viewer during a live stream it triggers the streamer’s branded avatar and associated CPM payment. In addition, Mojichat offers a link to the advertiser’s content to appear in the chat boxes every time a branded alert is sent, allowing all alerts to be actionable. This means every seven-hour stream can include an average of 98 brand impressions. This is based on the average number of alerts Mojichat users receive per stream.

Currently, Mojichat provides 3D personalized, animated, full-body emotes with 500 million different options.

New Advertising Channels for Small Businesses

As the global economy continues to increasingly go digital, customers today interact with brands across a variety of platforms and channels. For small businesses to stay competitive they have to increase their presence across various channels. Whether online, in-store, social media or other channels.

The logic is simple, by implementing multi-channel marketing strategies your business increases the chances of your marketing content being seen by more consumers. When more customers see your brand, it increases the potential for revenue generation through either sales or subscriptions.

A multi-channel marketing platform is important to today’s business environment. Customers now have the ability to literally be in multiple places at once. Besides your brick-and-mortar store, there is a growing number of customer touchpoints available to you. This includes social media sites, websites, emails, and now game streaming sites.

With multi-channel marketing, you are giving your customers a choice in how and where they interact with your brand. This means your engagement with prospects is at multiple touchpoints. Allowing you more opportunities to engage and convert prospects into customers.

Image: Mojichat

Samson Haileyesus Samson Haileyesus is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and has been a member of the team for 5 years. He has several years of progressive experience in media, communication and PR working with government, NGOs and private sector.