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My post on Monday, March 1st about online banking prompted several readers to speak out.

Since we do not have comments turned on here at Small Business Trends (I’ve got enough spam in my email inbox, thank you, without having to worry about clearing it out from blog comments), I’ll share these reader insights here:

  • Marianne from Arizona, USA sent an email agreeing how important online banking is to small businesses. Small firms need it so that they can download transactions into programs like QuickBooks and not have to waste time re-keying them.
  • Jerry over at Red Wheelbarrow (a transplant to Cleveland, USA from Canada) points out that one advantage large banks have over small banks when it comes to online efforts is economies of scale. Large banks can dedicate staff to their web efforts. Small banks tend to hire outside contractors which can be much more expensive.
  • Kirsten over at re:invention of Chicago, USA sent a link to this site for online banking resources.
  • JRT (whereabouts unknown) suggested that some small banks had excellent websites and recognized the importance of online banking to small businesses. (I agree, JRT, “some” do
  • From TM over at the Flit(tm) blog comes an interesting suggestion that small banks could learn something from Ace Hardware and pool their efforts in online banking, lowering costs and improving service.

Thanks to everyone who commented. Your insights are helpful not only to Dave and me here at Small Business Trends, but to your fellow readers.

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