More Tips For The Online Entrepreneur

It’s the Fourth of July here in the U.S., and small business owners around the world are celebrating their independence with increased activity in the online space. Working online allows small businesses access to new global markets, opportunities for new low cost marketing options and an incredible new array of networking and other tools. Here’s our roundup of tips for the online entrepreneur. Have something you think we’ve missed? Share it in the comment section below:


Does your business have a blog? Lots of businesses do and are finding the benefits offered by business blogging. Giving your small business an enhanced online presence could include experimenting with the many advanced features a blog offers. A simple Website may not cut it these days. What do you want to achieve with your business communications? A blog may help. Small Business Shift

Monetization basics. Yes, businesses can make money online and, yes, your blog could become more than simply a Website marketing another business. It could be your business. But before you get too excited or listen to a lot of get rich quick gurus, please understand. This is a lot of hard work. The Work At Home Woman

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for traffic? Using social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to refer traffic to your Website is one tactic often used by online entrepreneurs these days. But time is limited for anyone in small business, so, given the choice, which sites are the best for referring traffic? Facebook, of course, is number one, but you may be surprised at the second place contender. Seeking Alpha

Rules for the new social media world. In a world where competition is tight and bad word of mouth can spread as quickly as a positive brand message, every disgruntled customer counts. Here is a map for the new world of marketing and PR. Ignore it at you peril. Tweak Your Biz

Search Marketing

Creating local SEO. You want your Website to have a global presence, but if you’ve also got a brick and mortar home that you would like customers to know about, you need local Search Engine Optimization as well. This means that customers in your area interested in your services will be able to find you. Andy Williams SEO

Affiliate Marketing

The painful facts about affiliate marketing. No business model is perfect and recently affiliate marketers participating with the Amazon program got a very harsh lesson in how imperfect some business models really can be. Whether you’re involved in the affiliate marketing issue now brewing in California or not, you’ll want to read this post. Riches Corner

Success Stories

How Twitter makes small business big. Dun & Bradstreet recently compiled a list of the 68 most influential small business voices on Twitter. Not surprisingly, the list included names like Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk and our own Anita Campbell (Congrats, Anita! 🙂 ). But more importantly, perhaps, is that the compilation sheds light on how you can best make social media work for your brand too. WSJ

Most influential small business people on Twitter. The full list of Dunn & Bradstreet’s 68 most infuential small business people on Twitter may give you insight into your own use of social media for your small business. No two of these folks are really the same. Follow them. Learn from them. You may be surprised what you will gain in the process. D&B Credibility Insights


Small biz tool offers tip on getting customers. More than just a nifty tool that small business, particularly those working in the online world, might consider using, Dropbox is also a template for getting lots of users on a Website fast. Beyond a great product or service, of course, consider rewarding referrals and explore viral marketing options.


Don’t forget video in your online marketing tool box. Video can be an important component for any online entrepreneur and does not need to be expensive or complicated to create. In fact, great online video that will capture and hold your audience’s attention needs just one thing: great content. Above are some ideas to help you get started creating it. Search Engine Optimization Journal

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