Motivational Quotes for Business

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More Motivation

Do you color to relieve stress? Believe it or not, millions of adults do. You heard us right. Adult coloring is a popular activity among creative types. Coloring calms the mind. And it relieves psychological stress and anxiety. It inspires creativity and allows the brain to address positive endeavors more freely.

Coloring can provide stress relief to overloaded business owners and lead to creative breakthroughs. That’s why we created this coloring book.  If that sounds good to you download it, print it and give it a try today!

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About our Success Quotes

Our mission here at Small Business Trends is, “Small business success … delivered daily.” As part of that, we began publishing short motivational quotes for small business inspiration.

The content became popular. So we transformed them from plain text into inspirational quote images. We now have hundreds of motivational quotes images.

Some of the most powerful business quotes are adapted with permission from self-made millionaire and business founder, Larry Janesky, and his Think Daily series. Others are quotes by famous names like Steve Jobs, Dr. Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.

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