Spotlight: Muletown Digital Takes Digital Marketing from Large Firms to a Local Farm

digital marketing from large firms

You don’t need a fancy office to run a successful digital marketing agency. As Muletown Digital demonstrates, even a working farm can be a sufficient headquarters.

Want to read how a bunch of employees at large firms decided to start their own agency at a local horse farm? Check out this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers digital marketing services.

Options include branding, website design and development, copywriting, SEO, and PPC management.

CEO Adam Silverman told Small Business Trends, “We have a very specific method that we use to help our clients by first building their brand, then driving traffic to their site, then helping them convert that traffic into leads in the business.”

Business Niche

Offering personal service to every client.

Silverman says, “We are a small and VERY tactical team that are focused on a small group of clients at a given time. So we’re known for getting them results it their business. Our clients are never a number or a project ID.”

How the Business Got Started

With a handful of marketers from larger firms.

Silverman adds, “A lot of our team exited from different larger agencies in the area, with a focus on starting a small, and more agile team. So we created the company to make sure we were results focused for our clients!”

Biggest Win

Seeing real results.

Silverman explains, “We’ve taken several small businesses from struggling to build their online presence, to having more work than they knew what to do with. It was an amazing thing watching these companies grow into something new and fresh. Their websites worked, they drove in traffic, they were able to get phone calls, their businesses grew. That’s really what we offer.”

Biggest Risk

Hiring official employees.

Silverman says, “Moving from contractors to employees was a VERY hard move, but one I wish I’d done sooner after doing it!”

Company Headquarters

A local horse farm.

That’s right, the company’s current headquarters is a rural farm — with actual horses. Prior to COVID, they actually held team meetings there.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Securing an office space.

Silverman adds, “I would actually use it to build a location for the team. Right now we work out of our own offices, but our goal is to end up building a space in the community. When COVID is no longer a threat, in-person meetings will begin to happen again, and we’d love to have a space to do that in!”

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Image: Muletown Digital; Adam Silverman, Chris Keseling, Leah Krueger

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