Cancelling Her Wedding Helped Her Start a New Business

getting inspired to start a new business

Breaking up with your spouse, fiancé or your business partner is a very difficult situation and takes a personal toll. But what if it inspired you to start a new business?

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talked with Natasha Pearl Hansen who is a comedian, podcast host and entrepreneur.  She used the canceling of her wedding as the inspiration to create a brand that would help others with a new site called “My Break-Up Registry”.  She had experience as an entrepreneur planning her own comedy tours and is a big fan of “Shark Tank”. Not wanting to lose all the deposits she made for this special day, she also turned the Wisconsin wedding into the backdrop to stage and tape her special “Why I Cancelled My Wedding” which premiered in April of this year.

Comedian Natasha Pearl Hansen on How She Started a New Business

Natasha says that canceling of her wedding, changed her professional career forever. She felt that after the breakup, since she was losing half her possessions like her car and furniture to her ex- fiancé; she needed a gift registry more than ever. This is when she created My Break-Up Registry during the COVID pandemic so friends could give gifts to ease this difficult event. She adds that “it provides a time when people really need support but usually don’t ask for help. Let your friends help you out because they will!”

Natasha is now building partnerships to feature more travel and wellness companies to friends who can gift specific brands on the website. My Break-Up Registry also allows a platform for crowdfunding for the person that registers.

Natasha explains that “comedy prepares you for failing and makes it okay not to know. My candor and the ability to learn really helps me.”  Her first pitch to investors was incredibly successful and they decided to invest in her company.

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show.

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