National Days in August: Maximizing Your Small Business Potential

National days in August can provide tons of marketing benefits for small businesses. You may use these holidays in social media posts, in-store promotions, or special events. They can also provide unique opportunities for connecting with customers and boosting sales. Read on for a guide to the top August national days.

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National Days in August

If you’re looking for August national days to boost your marketing efforts throughout the month, read the list below for opportunities that may be relevant to various small businesses.

National Days in August

August 1st – National Girlfriends Day

Girlfriends Day is a holiday that celebrates female friendships. Businesses may host special events for girl groups or offer specials on small gift items like cards or wine.

August 2nd – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream and grocery businesses can offer specials or post recipes in honor of ice cream sandwich day.

August 3rd – National Watermelon Day

Watermelon Day is also perfect for grocery specials or food bloggers who can post watermelon-centric recipes.

August 4th – International Beer Day

Bars and liquor stores can capitalize on this holiday by offering happy hour specials or fun events.

August 5th – National Play Outside Day

Kids’ toy brands and outdoor gear retailers may host events or offer specials on products to get families playing outdoors.

August 6th – National Sisters Day

National Sisters Day may appeal to small gift shops or greeting card brands. Other types of businesses can also post engaging social media content related to sisters.

August 6th – National Friendship Day

Friendship Day is another opportunity for brands to promote small gift items or create unique social media posts.

August 8th – National Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

One of the strangest national days in August, this could be a perfect opportunity for brands to create viral video content.

August 8th – International Cat Day

Pet brands can host adoption events or create photo-centric social media posts.

August 9th – International Coworking Day

Coworking spaces can use this opportunity to gain attention or host open houses to increase membership.

August 9th – National Book Lovers Day

Book stores and libraries can host events, offer specials, or post questions for book lovers on social media.

Augusts 10th – National Lazy Day

National Lazy Day is the perfect opportunity to post engaging social media content, i.e. “What’s your ideal lazy day?”

August 11th – National Sons and Daughters Day

This holiday is perfect for greeting card brands or businesses that want to create unique photo-centric social media posts.

August 12th – International Youth Day

Kids’ brands and companies that provide youth activities can host special events for families.

August 13th – National Prosecco Day

Bars and wine shops can capitalize with flash sales on prosecco.

August 14th – National V.J. Day

This holiday celebrates the end of WWII, so it’s ideal for businesses that revolve around history and want to create educational social media or email content.

August 15th – National Relaxation Day

This day is ideal for spa businesses or brands that sell self care products. Create product bundles or offer fun tips on social media.

August 16th – National Roller Coaster Day

Theme parks can offer specials or create social content around this holiday.

August 17th – National Thrift Store Day

Thrift stores can offer sales or call attention to their offerings using social media contests that encourage engagement.

August 18th – National Fajita Day

Restaurants that serve fajitas can offer specials on this popular menu items, or food bloggers can post recipes and related content.

August 19th – World Humanitarian Day

Celebrate humanitarian efforts in your community or share your own work in specific areas.

August 21st – National Senior Citizens Day

Senior care businesses can use this day to celebrate seniors and engage with potential clients online.

August 22nd – National Tooth Fairy Day

Dentists and kids’ brands can post fun content online related to the tooth fairy.

August 24th – National Waffle Day

Breakfast restaurants and grocery brands can offer specials or in-store displays.

August 25th – National Secondhand Wardrobe Day

Fashion brands and thrift stores can offer inspiring outfits put together from secondhand retailers.

August 26th – National Women’s Equality Day

Businesses of all kinds can offer encouraging or inspiring online content celebrating women in their field.

August 26th – National Dog Day

Pet brands can host adoption events or offer dog food and supplies specials.

August 28th – National Red Wine Day

Bars and wine shops can call attention to various types of red wine or even host wine-tasting events.

August 30th – National Beach Day

National Beach Day is ideal for outdoor brands or companies selling swimwear.

August 31st – National Trail Mix Day

Food brands can offer specials on trail mix or its ingredients, or food bloggers can post recipes online.

National Weeks in August

Some August holidays call for more than a single day. The list below features weekly observances that businesses may capitalize on throughout the month of August.

August 1-7 – International Clown Week

Circus and event performers can post content online or use this opportunity to gain attention from potential clients.

August 1-7 – World Breastfeeding Week

Brands that serve new parents can provide tips and support throughout this week.

August 6-12 – National Farmer’s Market Week

Farmers’ markets and vendors may host events or post promotional content weekly.

August 7-13 – Simplify Your Life Week

Organizing brands, cleaning supply companies, and planner suppliers can all offer tips or provide sale items to help customers simplify.

August 14-20 – National Bargain Hunting Week

Retail businesses of all types can offer sales or tips for bargain hunters.

August 19-25 – National Aviation Week

Aviation brands can post educational content or provide opportunities for those interested in this area to connect.

August Monthly Holidays

There are also some August holidays and observances that are celebrated throughout the entire month. Check out the list below for some that may be relevant to your small business.

National Wellness Month

This month is ideal for wellness brands to post tips and resources for everything from fitness to mental health.

National Family Fun Month

Local attractions or stores that serve families can provide fun events or specials throughout the month.

National Golf Month

Golf courses and supply shops can host specials and events to bring in new potential customers.

Black Business Month

Black-owned businesses can call attention to their offerings and educate people about how they serve their communities.

National Dog Month

Pet brands can expand their dog-related content or promotions throughout the entire month.

National Immunization Awareness Month

Doctors’ offices and health brands can post content about the benefits of immunizations and offer resources for patients and families.

FAQs: National Days in August

What are some creative ways to incorporate August national days into my small business marketing strategy?

You can include August national days in your marketing strategy using social media posts, email newsletters, or in-store promotions and displays. For example, for National Relaxation Day, a retail store may put together product bundles full of spa supplies, or they may ask social media followers for their favorite ways to relax.

How can I engage my customers and social media followers using August national days?

National days in August provide many opportunities for engaging with customers on social media. Try asking questions surrounding each holiday, or ask followers to post a photo related to a specific national day.

How can I plan and prepare my small business to take advantage of national days in August?

Start by reviewing the national days in the calendar above to note any August holidays that are relevant to your business or industry. Then create a content calendar to plan social media posts or email newsletters surrounding each national day. If you want to host any special events or major sales, plan for those about a month in advance.

Are there any specific industries or businesses that can particularly benefit from August national days?

August includes a variety of national days that may appeal to businesses in various industries. It is also National Wellness Month and National Family Fun Month, so outdoor recreation businesses may be able to capitalize on both of these observances.

What resources are available for small businesses to find and learn about national days in August?

Check out the list above for a huge selection of national days that may boost your marketing efforts this August.

How can my small business effectively utilize the month of August to increase visibility and sales?

August includes many national days that small businesses can use to increase visibility and sales. Check the list above for relevant holidays that you can post about online or create in-store promotions around.

What is the most notable awareness month in August?

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, which raises awareness about the importance of routine immunizations.

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