National Small Business Week is Coming: Look for Big Things in May!

Can you feel the excitement? National Small Business Week is coming beginning May 20. It will be an opportunity for folks all across the US to celebrate small businesses and, of course, for small businesses to learn about added resources as well. Follow what’s happening in our small business roundup week below:

Momentum Builds

Two days of killer events. Two days of killer events kick off small business week. Check out the schedule now available from the Small Business Administration. Small business owners should take full advantage. SBA

How banks are getting into the act. Availability of loans has been an important small business issue of late, and during National Small Business Week lenders like TD Bank are responding. Look for other companies and vendors to launch similar programs or products focused on small business this month. MarketWatch

Grassroots Supportive

Some communities aren’t stopping at a week. Take Palm Beach County, Fl, for example. The county commissioners recently proclaimed May Small Business Month. Look for some of the events that will make this month memorable.

Regional small business groups recognized. Small business organizations can be hugely important to bringing small business communities together. National Small Business Week will recognize many of these on the national level. Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal

Contests Abound

Create your message with video. A National Small Business Week video contest allows small businesses helped by the SBA to shine. Check out more details on how to enter the contest at the above link. National Small Business Week Video Contest

Local organizations launch their own competitions. Organizations like the Small Business Development Center for Enterprise Excellence, Tarrant Small Business Development Center, and others are launching small business contests coordinated with the national event. Fort Worth Business Press

Local Talent Recognized

What events are your local group organizing? National Small Business Week also presents a great opportunity for local small business groups across the nation to raise their profiles and otherwise help local small businesses thrive. This local chamber, for example, will be awarding small business grants to its members.

Small businesses are also being recognized. Yogurt manufacturer Chobani Inc. will be presented with SBA’s 2012 Entrepreneurial Success of the Year Award at this year’s National Small Business Week.

Events Ongoing

Support your local businesses with a cash mob. If you want to support small businesses in your community for National Small Business Week (and hopefully the whole year round), this approach is a simple and direct one. Cash Mobs

Look for other small business events throughout the year. Though Small Business Saturday doesn’t officially occur until Nov. 24, you don’t need to wait for a special month or day to make something happen with your small business or to help other small businesses do the same. Small Business Saturday

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