Spotlight: How NationalLink Inc. Has Evolved to Provide Payment Solutions to Banks, Businesses

payment solutions to businesses

Payment processing is an ever-evolving field. And NationalLink, Inc. has evolved with it over the past few decades. At first, the company simply offered equipment. And they soon added extra services for banks and small businesses alike.

Read about the company’s services and its journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers complete ATM Solutions and payment processing for banks, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes.

Marketing Manager Pam Farley told Small Business Trends, “We also provide DirectVault Smart Safes, and Cash Recyclers to streamline cash handling and cash management.”

Business Niche

Offering a full-service solution.

The company provides dedicated account management for ATM placement, processing and repair.

Farley says, “We also operate the platform for ATM Classifieds to connect the nationwide ATM community in buying and selling ATM equipment.”

“Our product and service portfolio provides businesses of any size with the opportunity to earn passive income with a fully supported, fully managed ATM Program.”

How the Business Got Started

To engineer new credit card terminals.

Farley explains, “Our Founder and President, Mr. Sam Kandah, started the company as an Engineering firm involved in the design and development of credit card and electronic fund transfer terminals.”

Biggest Win

Breaking into the ATM space.

Farley says, “In 1996, with Cirrus and Plus allowing surcharging on ATM Machines the company transitioned into the sales, service, and processing of ATMs.”

Biggest Risk

Expanding to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Farley explains, “We had to ensure we had the support network to properly serve these businesses that stood to significantly benefit from our programs. Had we not risen to the challenge, the small businesses we pledged to serve would not have experienced the success and growth of their businesses through the well managed programs we provided.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Expanding the team.

Farley says, “We would use it to purchase or lease a larger headquarters because the company is growing so rapidly. We’re planning on hiring for at least eight new positions in 2021.”

Management Philosophy

Reward the team.

Farley says, “We don’t just tell our employees how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication, we act on it! We’ve been known to throw afternoon and afterwork Employee Appreciation Events where we play games, win prizes, enjoy delicious food, and just have fun together! This camaraderie definitely is a factor in the support we provide one another. We take a team approach to “stronger together” in everything we do.”

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Image: NationalLink, Inc.

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