NetBlaze Pro Offers Digital Marketing Solution for Small Business

netblaze pro digital marketing

NetBlaze, digital marketing solution providers for small businesses, have announced the launch of NetBlaze Pro. NetBlaze Pro is an all-inclusive, cost-effective platform, designed to streamline and optimize a business’s digital marketing campaigns.

NetBlaze Pro Digital Marketing

NetBlaze Pro provides businesses with expanded digital marketing services, including targeted local and national SEO. It also offers custom website creation, e-commerce platform building, website maintenance, web hosting, and more.

In July 2020, NetBlaze announced the launch of its app, to streamline digital marketing efforts into one easy-to-use application. NetBlaze Pro offers businesses advanced and more comprehensive options to improve their digital marketing strategies.

Developing Online Reputation

The services offered in NetBlaze Pro are designed to help small businesses simplify relationship management. The platform is also aimed at developing online reputation management, social media management, and content creation.

Reaching Prospective Customers Online

Small businesses have long recognized the importance of using digital channels to reach prospective customers and engage with existing ones. With increasing barriers on face-to-face business, the pandemic has placed greater emphasis on the need for an identifiable online presence.

Steve Clayton, NetBlaze CEO and Co-Founder comments on how NetBlaze Pro can help small businesses optimize digital campaigns:

“After a successful launch of the NetBlaze app, we recognized that we had the opportunity to provide even more services that help small businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.

“With NetBlaze Pro, our customers now have access to even more tools that help them improve their online presence and generate more revenue through strategic SEO, building a more impactful websites that’s ranked higher on Google and providing new avenues for customers to find and engage small businesses,” Clayton continued.

Targeted SEO Optimization

NetBlaze Pro takes SEO Optimization by the horns with targeted and local SEO offerings. By mastering SEO, the platform can help small businesses reach their target audiences and improve Google rankings.

Customized Websites

With a greater push to sell online, bespoke and customized websites can help distinguish small businesses from competitors. With NetBlaze Pro, small businesses can build a fully customized website with up to 20 pages.

E-Commerce Websites

The platform also enables businesses to create an e-commerce site with built-in features. These features may include advanced product filters, loyalty programs, product wishlists and more.

Website Care Packages

For websites to operate at their optimum and continue to run smoothly, they need to be maintained. The NetBlaze basic care package includes manual checks for patches and software upgrades, if necessary. The package also carries out regular checks for malware and updates for plugins.

The Pro care package goes further with businesses receiving one hour of development time every month with NetBlaze professionals. Businesses will also be contacted by NetBlaze staff should their website go down.

Support for small businesses is going to be vital for economic recovery. Having a defined, identifiable, and maintained online presence will help businesses reach out to and engage with customers. NetBlaze Pro is aimed at providing small businesses with affordable tools to maximize their digital capabilities and to ultimately grow.


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