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Traditional techniques, burgeoning technologies and diversifying social media platforms have given marketers more tools in the past few years than ever before. As a result, there’s never been a better time in history for businesses of all sizes to explore using electronic, print, and three-dimensional visuals in their marketing plans.

For entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses looking for a resource to help build effective creative strategies, communications designer David Langton and small business expert Anita Campbell’s new book Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design (Wiley; Paperback and eBook; October 2011; $29.95; 978-1-118-03567-2) identifies eye-catching and thought-provoking marketing and PR ideas and creative “stunts.” This engaging, large format, highly visual book shows readers the stunning world of high impact marketing and advertising through case studies, photos, and illustrations.

“This book is an idea starter. Expect this book to stimulate the senses, inspire and spark ideas,” says Langton. “The 99 handpicked examples in this book are from organizations that have successfully used visual elements in their marketing—with solid results.”

Visual Marketing displays creative marketing campaigns that brought attention to small businesses in unique, compelling, and unexpected ways. These examples include:

  • Online visual marketing solutions including apps, interactive games tools and modules
  • Creative ways to use social media including widgets, YouTube videos, flash animation, social networking campaigns, websites, mini-sites, blogs and podcasts
  • Advancements in basic print solutions such as brochures, flyers, post cards and press releases
  • On-site ideas for events and trade shows such as giveaways, exhibit ideas, live events and performances, signs, billboards, plasmas screens, kiosks and giveaways
  • Creative spins on branding ideas such as packaging and experiential marketing that inspires and persuades buyers.

“We explored every aspect of marketing – from traditional to high tech, “adds Campbell. “We show examples of how print ads and marketing materials are evolving, how social networking sites and the world of mobile apps have redefined how people communicate and how quickly new marketing technology, such as QR codes, come along as technology progresses.”

Visual Marketing is divided into three chapters, with the first focusing on Web and electronic solutions, the second featuring tangible three-dimensional marketing devices in the physical world and the third encompassing print solutions and logos/branding pieces. Each example ends in a “Takeaway Tip” distilling the examples into ideas and lessons for small-business people to put to work.

Some examples of the successful campaigns that revolutionized how businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers connect and engage with their audiences included in the book are:

  • Celebrating Creativity with a Killer Smile: Creating a Viral Marketing Effect with an Online Game
  • Finding Your Identity: Standing Out from the Crowd with a Website That Lets Your Personality Show Through
  • The Right Way to Start a Charity Today: Using Facebook and Blogs to Build a Community Around a Good Cause
  • It’s Not All Business All the Time: Adding a Personalized Blog Header Brings Human Interest to a Business Website
  • A New Product Popping Up: Differentiating a Product in a Crowded Field Through Unique, Uncluttered Packaging
  • Business Cards Get Social: Creating Business Cards That Mimic Social Media Icons Opens New Market
  • The Art of Making House Calls: Using Simple Logo Imagery That Marries Traditional Values with a Modern Business

Whether it’s on the web, in a book or live-in person, the most effective solutions are those that unexpectedly grab an audience’s attention. Visual Marketing offers powerful strategies for capturing the attention of even your busiest and most distracted potential customers.

“Visual Marketing will wake up your marketing idea generator like few other books ever have—be prepared to be Wowed!” —John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine

“Cutting through the clutter with a compelling visual campaign that reflects a brand’s values is imperative in today’s business environment. The examples David Langton and Anita Campbell offer in this book are clear evidence of this essential fact.” —Ken Carbone, Carbone Smolan Agency

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About the Authors:

David Langton (New York, NY) is a visual communication designer, blogger, and author on visual design. He has more than 20 years experience providing conceptual direction for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. He is founder of Langton Creative, a communications design firm, based in NYC, dedicated to improving the way that businesses and their audiences interact.

Anita Campbell (Cleveland, Ohio) is CEO and founder of Small Business Trends, an award-winning website reaching over 300,000 small-business owners each month. She hosts a weekly Internet radio podcast show featuring interviews with small-business owners and entrepreneurs and owns, another small-business social media site.

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