New Dropbox Shop Allows Creators to Sell Digital Assets

new dropbox shop for selling digital assets

Dropbox have announced that individuals in the United States can now start using the new Dropbox shop app to sell their digital content such as art, plug-ins and music.

New Dropbox Shop Allows Creators to Sell Digital Assets

The shop is still in beta but you can create product listings and customize your storefront, as well as track your store and product performance with detailed data on sales, revenue and customer actions. The shop also has a secure payment processing system and automatic delivery.

How Creators Can Use Dropbox Shop

Dropbox have made it easy for creators to sell their digital content through the shop. You simply add your content from Dropbox, set a custom image thumbnail, video or audio preview, then set the price with the option to enable tipping. Dropbox then creates a shareable or embeddable link so anyone can buy your products.

Your shop account features up to 50GB of images, audio, video and documents in each listing, and each item sold will be delivered automatically upon payment. You can paste your product-listing links into social media posts, emails and web pages to share with customers directly, or alternatively you can embed listings on your own website.

Dropbox partner with PayPal and Stripe so there are multiple payment options including all major credit cards and Google Pay.

You can also create your own e-commerce storefront in the Dropbox shop, as well as edit your profile and customise your Shop URL to display your products in a branded theme.

Analytic tools include the ability to review aggregate and listing-level sales, as well as views and total revenue. Creators will also be able to see customer info like traffic source, detailed actions and historical transactions.

A Flexible Digital Sales Experience

A Dropbox statement read: “Content creators have long used Dropbox to store and share their digital work. And this need has only grown during the pandemic, as more and more people look to make a living doing what they love. With Dropbox Shop, we’ve designed a more valuable and flexible digital sales experience for creators by streamlining the process of sharing—and monetizing—their content, all within Dropbox.

“This new platform allows creators to easily sell content—from e-books and recipes to prints and workout videos—directly to their customers, so they can spend more doing what they love: creating.”

Dropbox shop user Sally Schönack, a fitness trainer and influencer for Fit With Sally, said: “What I really like about Dropbox shop is that it’s very easy to use, and you can create a shop very quickly. It allows me to focus on what I’m good at instead of figuring out the logistics of a new platform.”

Dropbox Shop Waiting List for Teams

The beta version of the Dropbox shop is currently only available to individuals in the United States, with teams still needing to sign up to the waiting list. Creators outside the U.S. can also sign up to the waiting list, and Dropbox will inform all those on the list when it is available to use.

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