New Features for Organizing Events in WhatsApp Communities


Since the introduction of WhatsApp Communities, different groups, including neighborhoods, school associations, and hobby clubs, have adopted this feature to maintain organization and connectivity. To further enhance group interaction, there are new functionalities for event organization on WhatsApp, along with structured reply options in Announcement Groups, allowing members to engage with important admin messages.

Members can now respond to admin announcements in WhatsApp Communities, enhancing communication and connection within groups.

With these new tools, planning events through WhatsApp aims to be more straightforward, whether it’s for a virtual meeting or a birthday celebration.

Any group member can create an event, and participants can RSVP, so everyone knows who will attend. Details about the event can be found on the group’s information page, and attendees will receive reminders as the event approaches.

Initially, this feature will be available to groups within a Community, with plans to expand it to all groups in the next few months.

Additionally, WhatsApp is enhancing communication in Announcement Groups by enabling member replies. This feature helps maintain an organized discussion while allowing admins to receive feedback from their members. Replies are neatly compiled and can be expanded for full context, with notifications kept silent to avoid disturbance.

Image: WhatsApp

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