Instagram Has New Features for Reels

new features for reels on instagram

Meta recently announced that they are launching new features to Instagram that will make it more fun for users as well as make it easier for creators to collaborate, create and share reels.

Instagram Has New Features for Reels

The new features include the ability to remix public photos on Instagram, plus you will be able to choose from new Remix layouts or add your clip to the end of an existing video for more storytelling options, including adding your own commentary on someone’s content. It is also going to be easier to create reels using Templates with preloaded audio and clip placeholders, and there is a new Dual camera feature that allows you to record content and your reaction at the same time.

More Engagement Options for Small Businesses

While the influencers and social media professionals will no doubt have a lot of fun with these new features, they also have a lot of potential for small businesses using Instagram as a marketing tool to engage with their customers.

Enhancing Stories and Collaboration

Via a statement posted on the About FB website, Meta explained how each of the new features worked. On the Remix for photos feature, they said: “Photos are core to the Instagram experience. In the coming weeks, you will be able to remix public photos. This gives you limitless inspiration to create your own unique reel.”

On the Expanded Remix layouts, they said: “Choose between a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or picture-in-picture reaction view to add your own video commentary to existing reels.”

On the Add your clip feature, they said: “Have a hot take? Rather than having your remix appear at the same time as the original reel, you can now add your clip after the original so it plays sequentially.”

Meta also explained how they want everyone to be able to easily express their creative ideas, so they have added extra features that allow users to capture, edit and share those ideas directly from their phones.

“Need a little inspo?” they asked about the new Templates feature. “Templates allow you to easily create reels by preloading audio and clip placeholders, so you can simply add your own photos or video clips. You can find template ideas by tapping the camera icon on the Reels tab.”

On the Dual recording feature, they added: “Record content and your reaction at the same time. You can record using your phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously to share another perspective using the Dual feature in the Instagram camera.”

New Video Posts Will Be Shared as Reels

Another new addition coming soon is new video posts shorter than 15 minutes being shared as reels. Creators should be aware that videos posted prior to this change will remain as videos and won’t become reels as it only applies to videos posted after the new feature’s implementation in the coming weeks.

The video and Reels tab on users’ profiles is also going to be consolidated, so there will be one home for all a user’s videos.

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