New Horizons 123: Video Production, With No Camera

New Horizons video - owner and mascot Pup

Julie Weishaar, owner of New Horizons 123, is a video marketing consultant working with small businesses to create videos to promote their brands. That may not sound too unusual until you realize that she does it without a camera.

Yep, that’s right. Weishaar uses animation, carefully chosen music and editing to achieve results for her clients. She explains:

“Our video production services are flexible and totally customizable to meet the needs of any business owner. In addition, there are many business owners who want to create their own videos but don’t know where to start.”

New Horizons 123 has consulting services for these folks too. Here’s a sample of Weishaar’s work:

WHAT SETS HER BUSINESS APART? Weishaar prides herself on her ability to fully understand her clients’ brand and objectives. And she focuses on creatively bringing together the elements for a successful video project without breaking the bank.

There are times when customers know just what they want to see in that finished video project. The trouble is they have no idea how to achieve it.

That’s where New Horizons 123 comes in, Weishaar says.

She says she always sets the goal of delivering 100 percent of what her client wants from a project.

new horizons 123

HOW DID THE BUSINESS GET STARTED? Like many during the Great Recession of 2008, Weishaar found herself suddenly out of work. Her career as a Vice President of Marketing at a larger company was gone.

At the same time, social media marketing was taking off. Realizing she wouldn’t have the luxury of on-the-job training, Weishaar decided to train herself while looking for work.

Then came an inquiry about what she might charge for marketing services. And the rest, she says, is history.

EVER ALMOST GO OUT Of BUSINESS? Well…sort of. Weishaar has a horror story that drives home the need to have reliable Web hosting when operating an online business:

“I had my websites hosted with a re-seller who kept changing hosting companies, taking weeks to bring my sites back up. Each time he switched, I would lose something along the transfer process. I started losing website functionality like uploading images and more. Story best told in the video I created: Buyer Beware: Superman is NOT Real! Creating the video was cathartic for me. I called Hostgator and said “HELP!” And they did…”

New Horizons 123 video creation services

IF YOUR BUSINESS WERE A SONG, WHAT WOULD IT BE? It would be “Magical Mystery Tour” by The Beatles. Weishaar says she has been called a “video magician” because of the magical videos she creates for clients.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” — Greek Philosopher Epictetus

Weishaar says it is a helpful quote in business to remind you of the importance of listening to clients, but says it’s also valuable in life.

FUN TIDBITS: Weishaar’s company mascot is her 7 pound toy poodle Sebrina (pictured above in all the images). She says Sebrina even “speaks” in one of her videos entitled “Creative Video Marketing Right From the Pup’s Mouth!”

Her beloved poodle and mascot brings a powerful personal touch and emotional tug, even when included in an ad or promotional image for Weishaar’s company, as the final image above illustrates.

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