New Paychex Flex Features Help in an Evolving Workplace

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Workplace dynamics have evolved significantly in recent months following the COVID-19 outbreak. To help businesses evolve with changing times, Paychex Inc. recently released enhanced Paychex Flex features.

Paychex Inc. is a leading provider of HR, payroll, benefits, and insurance solutions. The new Paychex Flex features include comprehensive functions, which have been rolled out over the last quarter.

New Paychex Flex Features for Small Business

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown forced unprecedented numbers of businesses to work remotely. A poll by Paychex shows that nearly a third of businesses plan to allow remote working post-pandemic. With remote working becoming the ‘new norm’, technology will continue to play a vital role in business operations and productivity.

Noting the importance of technology in today’s climate, Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management, commented:

“While HR technology has been enabling productivity and driving better business outcomes in organizations for many years. COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

“The current work environment has reinforced the critical role technology must play in supporting business operations, infrastructure, and the workforce. The products we’ve introduced over the last several weeks are designed to do exactly that,” Hammond added.

HR Connect

A leading feature of the new Paychex Flex product is HR Connect. HR Connect allows employees to submit queries, requests, incidents and more, directly to HR remotely. The feature aims to simplify HR case management processes at a time when more employees are working remotely.


Another feature designed to help organizations in an evolving workplace is ‘Conversations.’ The feature was launched in summer 2019. It is aimed at improving the user experience by strengthening connections to keep workers supported, engaged and productive.

Enhanced user experience is achieved by giving users the ability to print notes and filter based on tags and dates. Employees can add their own notes. Administrators can share notes with other leaders.

OSHA Dashboard

The OSHA Dashboard is a Paychex Flex feature that allows users to prepare documentation for OSHA-reportable events. From the dashboard, users can track open items and access forms. The dashboard also provides a snapshot of any reported illnesses or injuries via location.

Worker Templates

A feature designed to streamline the hiring processes is Worker Templates. Administrators can create templates for new workers using default settings which automatically populate fields within Paychex Flex. Templates can be based on worker status, position type and other situations.

New Live Reports

The pandemic has heightened the need for businesses to have access to workforce insights to create better preparedness and operational strategies. Paychex Flex’s New Live Report include a Job Costing and Labor Distribution feature. The feature improves visibility about costs across labor assignments, jobs, and departments via visualizations.

With an Employee Change History feature, the New Live Reports reviews employee data updates. The updates include the position of the employee, as well as location and other status information.

So, with the right technology at their disposal, businesses can succeed during changing times. The Paychex Flex features promise to support businesses through the challenges virtual working arrangements create.


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