In the Headlines: New Payment Systems will Revolutionize Your Business

In the Headlines: New Payment Systems will Revolutionize Your Business


There are many different moving pieces in the process of managing your small business. In this week’s news roundup, we provide some keen insights into ways for improving your management style.

In addition to management, the roundup looks at the importance of integrated payment solution systems in today’s digital commerce infrastructure. This technology is especially important for small businesses with customer-facing operations such as restaurants.

It is so important we also cover this subject with a post which reports on the new partnership between Lavu and Omnivore to streamline restaurant tech with an integrated system.

Going back to management, another post provides tips on how to motivate the millenials working at your small business. With this demographic set to represent 75% of the workforce by 2030, knowing how to motivate them will be key to the success of your company.

You will have to provide a workplace with flexible work schedule, autonomy within the structure, transparency and connection — to name some of the strategies.

Take a look at this week’s news roundup to find ways to not only become a better manager, but also learn about all things small business.


How Integrated Payment Solutions Give Small Businesses Options (INFOGRAPHIC)

The number of payment options in the market place is on a steady rise. But this availability is not creating an easy to use ecosystem businesses can readily adopt. Simply put, the ecosystem seems more complex than it has to be. An infographic by The Electronic Transactions Association looks at how Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are providing options for merchants.

Lavu Partners with Omnivore to Streamline Small Restaurant Tech

Point-of-sale (POS) systems now do more than just take payment. They are part of a completely integrated system that allows businesses to bring the front and back end of their operation together. The partnership between Lavu and Omnivore is expanding on this integration by giving restaurant operators more tools.


How to Motivate Millennials at Your Small Business

Millennials are on track to make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. As result, it’s crucial for all small business owners to harness the strengths of this generation and develop strong leaders for the future.


Wistia Relaunches New Channels with a Small Business Focus

The relaunch of Wistia Channels comes as small businesses are focusing more on creating their own content. The ability to create video is made possible with affordable tools such as smartphones, digital cameras and editing software. With these tools, owners can create more content and engage with their customers on a personal level.

Retail Trends

Your Guide to Small Business Saturday 2019

Holiday shopping season lurks just around the corner. And small businesses need tons of new ways to bring new customers through the door. One of your best opportunities may fall on Small Business Saturday. The holiday has supported small businesses for nearly a decade. New business owners, make sure you make the most of this holiday.

Small Business Operations

Just 28% of Employees Want an Open Office Floor Plan

Open Floor plans, once seen as a way of tearing down walls that divided the workspace are now losing their appeal. According to a survey by clutch only 28% of American employees favor having an open office floor plan. More than half (52%)of the 503 full-time employees surveyed across the U.S. want private offices. The personalization they feel helps them feel comfortable in the office.

Social Media

Caution: Avoid These Social Media Faux Pas in your Business Communication

Being available 24/7 has its advantages, but as we have seen tweet after tweet, it also has its drawbacks. For businesses with a social media presence, it means establishing a few rules of etiquette to avoid regrettable faux pas. A new report and survey from Influence.


Think You’re Too Small To Offer Employee Benefits? Think Again

Forget the small size of your business. Offering benefits creates a powerful incentive. For example, a retirement plan helps create a strong team. It produces happy workers. And they stick together for years. For you, it means less employee turnover. That means teamwork makes the dream work, as the saying goes. Combine a 401k with other benefits.

Technology Trends Brings Collaboration to This Popular Business Tool wants to bring something new to a tried and true business form. As a result, they are changing the traditional spreadsheet and adding a new database and project management tools. The redesign tweaks make this familiar business tool more collaborative. Small Business Trends contacted Matt Robinson, Co-founder and CEO, to learn more.

How to Change Customer Service Through Natural Language Processing

Usage of the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri are all on the rise. But the 66.4 million people who own smart speakers aren’t just using them to learn about the weather. More people are using the same machine learning technology to improve their customer service interactions.


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