New Platform Automates Social Media Ads, Study Provides YouTube Insights

New Platform Automates Social Media Ads, Study Provides YouTube Insights

How would you like to save some time but still get what you need from social media? There’s a new tool that can help you automate ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

And if you’re thinking about using YouTube as part of your content strategy, a recent study can help you learn about what types of videos are most popular. Read about these headlines and more in this week’s Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

Social Media

Can needls Platform Automate Small Business Ads on Facebook and Instagram?

A new platform aims to make small business advertising on Facebook and Instagram even easier. Digital has surpassed TV ad spend, and the gap is growing at robust pace. According to eMarketer, the almost $1B lead digital had at the end of 2016 will increase to more than $25B by 2020. For small businesses, if they want to succeed it means making their presence felt on digital channels.

How-To Videos Among the Most Watched on YouTube

Want to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel? Make sure you upload more how-to videos because they are among the most watched on the site. This insight comes from data presented by San Francisco-based video production company, Visual Z Studios. Why You Should Post How-To Videos Research reveals how-to and style videos on YouTube receive, on average, 8,332 views.


More Than 1 in 4 Millennials Work a Side Hustle

Who says Millennials are more into vacations than work? Millennial Side Hustle Statistics New data from Bankrate shows that 28 percent of Millennials, between the ages of 18 and 26, are working on their own on the side right now. That means, in addition to their regular source of income, the youngest members of the workforce are putting in extra work for some extra pay.

US Beef Exports to China: What Cattle Ranchers Need to Know

American beef should soon wind up on Chinese plates as a trade deal between the two countries gets finalized. It would mark the first time American beef was sold in that country after it was banned in 2003 over a mad cow disease scare. On June 12, the deal was finalized and the first shipments are expected in China July 16.


Analysts, Not Accountants, Are Most Sought After for Small Business Finance

In today’s small business world, the person who keeps track of the numbers may be less important than the person who can tell you what those numbers mean. New data from the jobs site reveals that among the top 10 in-demand finance jobs, not a one is an accountant. The number one, most in-demand job wanted by small businesses is business analyst.

$30 Separates the Highest and Lowest Paid Developers, Survey Says

The cost of hiring a freelance developer for your business could still vary considerably. A new survey says the cost of a developer — like an expert specializing in Javascript, for example — could vary by as much as $30 per hour depending on where in the world they live. The gap is even larger when looking at averages from city to city.

Marketing Tips

Could the Latest in Branding Be Not to Have One?

Before spending time and energy branding your next product or service, it may be time to think again. Brandless is a startup that works with manufacturers to eliminate the extra costs that are often associated with offering branded products. Instead, the company just provides basic products with simple labels that just state what’s in each product.


Move Over Avocado Toast, This Restaurant Has Designed a Whole Menu Around This Tasty Food

You’ve no doubt noticed the avocado toast trend that’s been sweeping the nation over the last few years. But one business has decided to take the trend to a whole new level. Avocaderia is an avocado bar completely dedicated to avocado based foods. It includes avocado toast, but also other foods like smoothies, burgers, chocolate mousse and more.

Retail Trends

Lesson From Bridal Chain Closing: Always Remember Your Customers

Nationwide bridal store chain Alfred Angelo abruptly closed up shop recently, giving customers almost no notice and leaving brides who had already paid for dresses scrambling to pick up their purchases or find replacements. Some brides drove hours to pick up their dresses at stores, having only a couple hours notice after reading of the impending store closings online.

What KFC Can Teach Small Businesses About Success in China

At a recent Gateway17 event in Detroit, small businesses learned more about the products in demand from Chinese consumers and some tips on marketing to them. But you can also learn about selling to Chinese customers by studying international brands like KFC. The fast food chain is the largest of its kind in China.


Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Virtualitics Specializes in Visualizing Data for Business

When it comes to analyzing data, having accurate visualizations can make the the task infinitely easier. And new technologies like augmented and virtual reality can potentially help businesses create those visualizations. And that’s exactly what Virtualitics specializes in.


Technology Trends

New PayPal Samsung Deal Should Make it Easier to Take Payments

Samsung Pay will now work with PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) wherever it’s accepted. Since Samsung Pay works with traditional card readers, that list includes basically all businesses that accept credit cards.

Looking for a Great Business Idea? Start a Virtual Reality Arcade

Looking for a unique new business idea? Consider starting a virtual reality arcade. That’s right — arcade businesses no longer need to consist only of video games from the 80’s and cheesy prizes. There are already businesses around the world that are integrating this new technology into their offerings. Take the case of Playdium Virtual Reality arcade in Causway Bay, Hong Kong.

Beware! New Phishing Attacks Disguised as Replies to Previously Asked Questions

Cyber criminals have come up with yet another way to get you to open an email. This month’s Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab report has identified a new type of phishing email. According to Comodo, the new scam involves emails disguised as a reply to a previously asked request for information. The emails also appear to come from a legitimate contact or familiar brand, the report says.

Reality Check: Drones Will Take the Dull, Dirty, Dangerous Jobs

If you’re hoping to have a pizza delivered by drone to your house soon, you might have a wait. One industry expert sees a different future inspecting remote pipelines and such for drones. Brandon Declet knows what he’s talking about. Declet is the CEO and Co-Founder at Measure, one of the first companies to offer drones-as-a-service.

Bots Are Taking Over: Fiverr Adds Subcategory Dedicated to Chatbots Development Gigs

The attack of the bots continues as they spread their reach everywhere from data gathering, to analytics, web indexing and more, automating tasks across the internet. And now it’s easier than ever to create your own bot. Freelance marketplace Fiverr has a new subcategory dedicated to chatbots development services.

Power-Blox Providing Off-the-Grid Energy to Small Business

A Swiss Company, Power-Blox, has created fully autonomous power grids that can be easily scaled up without the need for extensive expertise, centralized control or configuration. The ‘Plug and Power’ technology behind Power-Blox enables anyone to create an autonomous grid that can power schools, businesses, hospitals, homes and entire villages.

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