Get More Done with New Products from Infusionsoft

New Products From Infusionsoft

At its ICON16 Conference in early March,  a slew of new products from Infusionsoft were announced, along with product updates to help small business owners. The idea, says Terry Hicks, Infusionsoft’s Chief Product Officer, is to give Infusionsoft customers “solutions that remove roadblocks and all work together” so business owners can focus on growing their businesses.

I talked to Justin Topliff and Tyler Zeman, both product marketing managers at Infusionsoft, about a few of the company’s new products.

New Products From Infusionsoft

One of the new products that drew the most excitement from the more than 3,000 Infusionsoft customers at ICON16 was the release of Infusionsoft Email Builder, a new feature that enables users to more easily create and send emails. At launch Email Builder will offer users a dozen ready-to-use templates designed by marketing and email experts to get results. Topliff says more templates will be released soon.

Keeping with Infusionsoft’s goal of creating products that are easy for its customers to use, the Email Builder allows users to create auto-responsive design emails. And personalizing or customizing emails is simple using Email Builder’s drag-and-drop features. No coding is necessary and you can easily adjust the elements of your email, such as text, images, buttons, social media icons, videos and more.

Email Builders was a hit in its Beta test, Topliff says, garnering “really positive reaction” from users.

Email is a crucial marketing tool for small business owners. Topliff and Zeman call it the “gold standard.” Infusionsoft customers alone sent 8.6 billion emails in 2015. And with most consumers checking their emails on their smartphones, it is essential that small businesses send “modern, professional and responsive emails” or risk having them immediately deleted. In fact, Topliff says 55 percent of emails are viewed on mobile devices, so it’s critical for businesses to “think mobile first.” To make it easier to design the “right” emails, there are “bumpers” built-in to the program so the emails cannot “stray” outside the optimum size.

Hicks says when they were designing the product, “We looked at the roadblocks getting in the way of small businesses doing effective email marketing, and we removed those barriers so they could be more successful.”

Infusionsoft Email Builder is currently still in Beta (when using the Broadcast tool within Infusionsoft). It will be available in the company’s Campaign Builder tool for all Infusionsoft customers within its sales and marketing software early next month.

Quickbooks and Xero Integrations

Most small business owners don’t have enough time to do everything they should be doing to effectively run their businesses. To help, at ICON16 Infusionsoft announced its latest integrations with QuickBooks Online and Xero, two of the leading online accounting software providers. The real-time integration allows small business owners to get the whole picture of their company’s performance and make decisive and educated decisions with the information.

Zeman explains that the integration will “help small business owners get organized, grow sales and save time.” If you use Quickbooks Online or Xero, this integration means you will no longer have to spend time manually updating your third-party accounting software with orders, invoices and other outdated customer information. Plus now you can easily access critical accounting information so you can make smarter, more informed marketing decisions.

Some other key benefits of the integration include:

  • The end of duplicate records, double data-entry and time wasted checking multiple systems to answer a single question,
  • A 360-degree view of products, customers, invoices and payment information across your apps,
  • Information synced continuously in the background after a one-time setup and
  • No more hassle managing a stack of one-off point integrations.

Both integrations cost $29/month and Infusionsoft customers can find them in the newly redesigned and optimized Marketplace by Infusionsoft.

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