Shopify Launches All New Point of Sale System for Small Businesses

new shopify point of sale system

The new Shopify point of sale system readies small businesses post-pandemic.

It helps merchants adapt and rebuild the future of retail, they say. And, it assists merchants in building and refining a solid omnichannel strategy.

Shopify’s POS will bring in-person and online sales into one convenient location. The system helps sellers stay resilient and flexible, the company says.

New Shopify Point of Sale System

Post COVID-19, small retailers face an abundanceof changes. Issues related to employee and customer health and safety are not going to disappear overnight.

Hence the importance for omnichannel retail solutions. Omnichannel retailing brings together a store’s physical and digital shops. So, customers can connect to a retailer’s online and physical shopping platforms seamlessly.

Further, Shopify says merchants who connect their online and in-store sales expect a revenue increase of 30% annually.

Adopting Omnichannel Approaches

With the disruption the coronavirus pandemic has created, it is more important than ever that small retail businesses adopt omnichannel approaches. Shopify’s all-new POS is aimed at helping merchants bridge the gap between in-store and digital sales efficiently and effectively.

As Ian Black, Director or Retail at Shopify, commented in a press statement about the POS release:

“Retailers need help right now. Shopify is doing everything we can to help retailers adapt to current challenges and come back stronger. We are releasing our new Shopify POS to give retailers — especially small, local businesses — every possible advantage. Retailers deserve a point-of-sale that helps them shift their sales from in-store to online, easily offer curbside pick-up and local delivery, and be ready for growth when in-store customers start to return. No other point-of-sale is as powerful for the challenges retailers face today,” said Black.

Simplified Omnichannel Management

One of the main features of the all-new Shopify POS is simplified omnichannel management. Offline and online sales, orders, products and payments get integrated in a unified customer experience.

With the new POS, merchants can enjoy greater flexibility through curbside pickup and local delivery options. This means that retailers can continue selling products while maintaining social distancing commitments.

Real-Time Inventory Management

The new POS helps manage inventory in real time. Retailers can have their most-used app, discounts, and products at their fingertips through a smart grid feature. Appointment scheduling for in-store visits and door-counting is available through app integration to control foot traffic in stores.

The new POS provides merchants with more actionable insights on store performance to help small businesses make better informed decisions. Also, the mobile checkout feature helps stores adapt with in-store and curbside pickups.

To support merchants further through these difficult times, Shopify is offering its POS Pro for free until October 31, 2020.



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